Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Best Cuddler Around!

{Meet Samson}

I think it is facinating that our pets can some how sense when we are not quite ourselves and possibly even a little sad. Lately I have not been myself, and nobody realizes this as much as my pup. We adopted Samson from the pound the November before last, and I actually feel like we have had him since he was a puppy. I can't remember life without him. He is probably the sweetest and cutest dog around {yes, he's better than yours!} and it's obvious how much he loves all of us - me, Sean, Pete, Imogen.... and basically anyone who walks through our door.

There's no bigger ego boost than watching Samson wait patiently for me while I'm getting ready - because he knows that after I get dressed in the mornings, I always always always sneak back into bed for another 30 minutes. He watches me with his big droopy eyes and usually has his tongue hanging out.... and then we climb into bed and he snuggles up as close as he possibly can to me. Pete is already waiting for me... but Samson waits for me to get back into bed. Lately he has been super cuddly and I think it's because he knows I've been sad. He doesn't know why... and he doesn't really need to understand that I am sad about my friend who passed away or that I am unhappy in my current job. He just sits and rests his head on my shoulders. When I got back from my friend's funeral, he layed with me while I cried. He is truly a support to me unlike any other.

I went to therapy today {which I highly reccomend, because it's nice to talk about yourself to some one every few weeks and just have them listen} and started thinking about how much I appreciate my family. My husband is such a great guy - and he allows me to be independent while also letting me know that he is there if I need him. We've been together since I was 14 years old and have gone through the good, bad and ugly... and he's never left my side! Pete is the baby of the family, and he makes me feel needed. Which is always nice. He's also a pretty good cuddler and absolutley loves tennis balls. Imogen is always good for a laugh. I love watching her play hide and seek with the dogs... and she has a great sense of humor. But Samson - he is like an old soul. He know's me and I think he really does understand me.

Maybe it's weird to dedicate today's blog to my pets - Samson in general - but they are always there to listen and I think that sometimes I forget that. They never interrupt or expect anything in return. My dogs and my ferrett help keep me connected to nature. They remind me that all living beings are the same - we all want to feel safe and we all need to be loved. No matter what happends today - I know my pets will have my back once I get home. And as for Sean... he made the best dang vegan chili around last night! He's pretty cool too :)

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