Thursday, February 04, 2010

Change is Hard

{Such a Daddy's Girl!}

Lately I have been feeling a little restless with my current job and have been thinking about what I am good at and what I am passionate about. I love being around people, and my office job is so lonely and I find myself so bored that I cannot stand it. I love being around my clients, but when they do not show up for appointments I feel let down. I think I am burnt out. I know I am.

A few weeks ago I visited my dad at work and we talked a little about life. I told him that I was ready for some drastic changes in my life and he responded by saying "I just want you to be happy." As soon as I heard those words I felt like a weight had been taken off of my shoulder's. Almost like I have been trying to live up to my mom and dad's standards that were imaginary in my own mind. They don't expect me to be perfect, nobody is perfect. And that's the beauty of it I think. Our imperfections are often what make us the most beautiful and the most unique.

It's scary to think about switching careers -- especially in this economy. But the truth is, it's been bringing my spirit down lately and making me feel like I am waisting my talent on somthing I am not passionate about. And I believe it shows that I am not passionate in my current position, because I have not been my energetic self. In Buddhism, you are supposed to enjoy every moment and make the most out of any situation - good or bad {actually, nothing is "good" or "bad," those are just perceptions!}. So, I need to begin taking the steps necessary in changing careers, but while I am here I need to give it my all. I need to close my eyes and take the jump, because every moment should be cherished. I want to go to work without feeling like I am "working" -- doesn't everybody? This is why I am going to take this risk and follow my passion... and in the end I believe it will work out and I won't remember what I was so afraid of to begin with.


  1. I am with you. Which is why i am applying for nursing school next year. best of luck in your change. you will do great things when you are passionate about them. best of luck!

  2. Kara, you are such an inspiration. I know we don't talk much, well, at all really! But it's refreshing to see so much truth, life, and energy in your writing. The more I read (I think I've worn down your older posts link :P) the more I want to know. I too have been more aware of my surroundings recently, and how much effort people put into judging others, and taking life so seriously, rather than just enjoying who they are, what they have, and other's feelings. I've spent more time outdoors, and doing things I enjoy instead of putting it off and sitting on the sofa or at the office wishing for Friday evening.

    All it took was accomplishing a project completely, a project that helps us enjoy the outdoors: our new deck. Single-handedly the best lifestyle change our savings could buy. Rather than a vacation this year, we're putting our time and money into working together to update our kitchen to make it more functional for us to spend time in together, and our now finished deck to sit out and enjoy nature from a perch up high. We just sip coffee, read the paper, and listen to the birds. I never cared for doing any of those things until we finished that deck.

    And your tent in the living room post makes me want to staple sheets to the ceiling in my attic and drape them like a tent. One thing I had as a kid that I cherished was a tent I had in my bedroom at my dad's. My attic is my little getaway, so why not make it into a huge tent? Thank you for all the inspiration. I can't wait to read more!


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