Friday, February 12, 2010

je t'aime mon chéri {i love you, my darling}

This weekend is going to be special.
Not only do I get a 3 day weekend... but it's
Valentine's Day!!!

We aren't planning anything special...
just a night together watching movies and ordering in.
I love spending time with my husband... he is my best friend.

Top 5 Things I Love About Sean:

1. His passion for his beliefs.
2. His acceptance of others different than him.
3. His support for our marriage and willingness to try harder every day.
4. His compassion for those less fortunate.
5. His ability to comfort & support me when I'm feeling my worst.

{Such a cutie - I love you, Sean!}


  1. We love him too and are so glad of your marriage. A mother could not ask for a better human being to love and support her daughter. Thank you Sean for who you are. Love and Blessings on many more years togehter!

  2. happy valentines weekend, Hookers! we Holmans love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. aww so sweet. I am lucky enough to remember when you guys first met. Guess Ridge did have something good come from it! ; )

  4. What a nice post, Kara! I should do this for Brian. :) Love the b&w picture of Sean...very studious and edgey!


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