Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Makes You Happy?

One joy scatters a hundred griefs. {Chinese Proverb}

Goodmorning! I hope that you are feeling happy and refreshed today!

Yesterday was a day that completely lifted my spirits
and reminded me of what's really important in life.
Hint: It's not money!

I was lucky enough to have President's Day off, and so
I was able to sleep in for a bit before meeing
two of my best friends for a calming lunch and some
much needed girl time.

{BFF's: Me, Al & Britt}

It's nice to sit with them and catch up on life, especially
since these are two very special people who
get me. Words cannot describe my love for them!

After lunch I dropped off some donations at the group home I used to
work at. Before I knew it, 3 hours had passed and it felt as
if I was only there for half an hour....

It was so nice to see the girls happy and talkative
{it's always hit or miss - sometimes they aren't as excited}
and it was nice to catch up with them and where
they are at their lives since graduating from high school.

I also had so much fun talking with my boss, Marie
and laughing with her about old memories from when I was
working at the Home full time.

I confessed how much I missed it. I truly love those
girls and the atmosphere. We are like
a family - through thick and
thin I will always love them... even when they're crabby
and hard to be around. And I'm sure they
will say the same for me.

I am so proud of Marie.
She is from Haiti and just got news that she will be
adopting her neice who was effected by the earthquakes a few weeks ago.
She will be a great mother and having a child is
something that she has always wanted. I cannot wait for her to
hold her neice in her arms for the very first time. I know
she will feel complete.

It was good to laugh and forget about responsibilities for a while.
In general, it was the absolute perfect day!

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