Friday, March 26, 2010

Enjoy the Moment

I woke up this morning wondering where the week went. It seems like the older I get, the faster life moves forward. Don't you wish there was a "pause" button? or at least a "slow down a little bit" button?

That is why it is so important to cherish every moment. Cherish nature, the beauty of life and those who are easy to love {and also those much harder}.

The more I think about it, when I finally purchase a house {or a condo in the city, depending on my mood} I want to have a fort inside my living room. A place to hide from reality, read a good book & remember what it's like to be young again. A place for my imagination to run to or even just a calm space for an afternoon nap. One day I imagine bringing my children here for a tea party or a time of make-believe.

I hope that as Spring begins to settle in, you take a moment to enjoy life. Really smell the air and feel the warmth of the sun upon your skin. Listen, really listen, to a bird sing. Allow yourself to take an afternoon free of worry - go on an adventure or learn somthing new about yourself.

Life is so beautiful and there will never be another moment like the one before you.

Have a magical weekend :)


{ps - Falcore is my favorite make-believe character... ever!}

1 comment:

  1. i think every woman would love a place like this. it IS perfect for children too. and you are so is beautiful!


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