Monday, April 26, 2010

Epic Weekend -

My friends are my estate.
{Emily Dickinson}

This weekend was beyond words perfect. The best way to celebrate my recovery and get {some} of my craziness out, just in time to return to work. I will probably replay this weekend over and over and over... as it will bring a smile to my face while I return to work and my usual routine.

Friday night was epic. We had friends over and I was able to see people that I haven't been out with in weeks. I knew that I missed my friends, but I didn't really get just how happy I would be to reconnect with each of them and enjoy being carefree. It's been weeks since I've been out to a bar... and it felt good to just relax and have a good time. The weather was perfect for a cold beer, enjoyed on a patio deck with some of my favorite people.

{Mallory & Aimee - 2 favs}

Saturday night we celebrated my friend Aimee's birthday and I remembered how it felt to be in college again. We ran around all night until 4 o'clock in the morning as if we had no responsibilities. My friends Dan & Logan came into town and we tried a new resteraunt, which was a fabulous beginning to our night. It was really good to just let go and relax... I usually don't stay out that late {or early!} and it was nice to just take it moment by moment rather than worrying about the consequences of lost sleep. I felt so alive and it was just the most bliss I've felt in a while; it was so very freeing -- as shallow as that may sound to some. It's so much fun to laugh until it hurts and so touching to be with those who mean so much to you.

Sunday was the most amazing day ever with my husband! There was an Earth Day festival in our neighborhood and we had so much fun people watching, listening to local music & learning about urban gardening. I bought an extremely cool plant garden from Tricycle Gardens that I can use indoors to grow cabbage, tomatoes, peas and other yummy things. We also picked up some veggie sprouts to grow as well as a few "Flower Bombs" -- balls of dirt filled with wildflower and sunflower seeds... can't wait to try these out! Before you know it, my little garden will be producing dinner!

We also took a look at Warehouse 201, which is near where we are living now. We love our loft, but need one that is ours. I am so tired of renting, and it was exciting looking at lofts similar to the one we are in now, that we could own! We are meeting with the realtor next week and he's going to show us several floor plans. I am giddy. Who knows -- this time next year we could be relaxing in our very own first home... that would just be fantastic.

Today it is back to work, but I am still riding off of the high from this weekend. I felt so carefree spending time with my friends, and I always have a soft spot in my heart for community events. I want to try and become more involved in Urban Farming groups and may even attend some group meetings that I learned about. Every little bit helps, and it's nice to see people farming in the city!

Enjoy today and do not forget to count your blessings.


  1. sounds like a great weekend! i'm glad you had so much fun, cup cake - you deserved it ten fold! love you!!

  2. this all sounds like so much fun and soooo so heartwarming and lovely and happy! <3


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