Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello blogging friends! I just wanted to do a quick bloggie today to update everyone on my crazy week. As you can see, my hair is fully dreaded & Jessi did an AMAZING JOB! 5 hours of non-stop backcombing and the journey begins...
{I secretly think Sean likes them}

I have been in the hospital all week and was able to come home on Saturday. Everything has been going well, other than a few days of the worst pain in my life - but I would do it again in a second. The surgeons could not believe that Mitchell's new kidney was producing urine while he was still in the recovery room, and once his blood pressure evens out he will get to come home too.

Since coming home I have been resting and taking it easy. My mom came over today and worked from my loft. We took a little break for shopping, lunch & to visit Mitchell. I will post some pictures soon, but I have about 5 bouquet's of flower's lined up on our counter and dozens of cards... I am so amazed and thankful for the support I have been given and the love I have been shown. It's so good to be home.

Now for a nap.... xoxo


  1. oh my gosh YAY! they look SO good! aahh, i was waiting to see this :):) yummy dready goddess!

    i hope recovery is speedy and relaxing and peaceful for you. i'm so glad you're getting amazing support and nurturing right now. you deserve it SO MUCH. what an inspiration, i wish more people were like you!

  2. so happy you're home, sweety! the dreads look beautiful & anything you do you know sean will like! lol, even if he tries to deny it. again, i am amazed at the progress of both you and mitchell! it's crazy the things science and people like you can do for other people. i will keep mitchell in my prayers! love you lots!

  3. So glad you are home and the surgery went well! Keep recuperating and recovering! Hope the dreads gave you something to play with in the hospital! :)

  4. Good news -- Michell is coming home today :)

    Kelly Anne you are such a sweetie!

    Denise I miss you - we need another weekend asap!

    Jessi, my MOM did all dread maintanence in the hospital if you can believe it! I love playing with them!

  5. Hi Kara - glad to hear all went well for you both. That is great news. Rest up and keep well, won't you?

    Love, love, love the dreads! Looking forward to hearing more about the process and seeing more pics [hint hint].


  6. More pics to come Anne-Marie! ;) I am in love with them... even on the "bad" days!

  7. you are very lovely...
    freedom and sass.
    thank you for sharing.


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