Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Day Weekend!

Lately I have been so inspired by anything vintage. I found this great pic here and I am totally obsessed. I think maybe I should buy a big hat.

This weekend my only hope is that I practically live in my bathing suit. Just like I did summer after summer when I was much younger. It will be filled with big, soft blankets stretched out against rocks overlooking the river. Ice cold drinks. Puppies. Sandwiches.

I also plan on attending a cook out every.single.night.

What will you do this weekend?


  1. i love this photograph! oh, i wish that swimsuits were still in that style. and i've been thinking lately about how much i want a big, floppy hat for this summer.

  2. baaahh, i want that bathing suit. everything was so flattering in those days!

    my weekend is going to be filled with photoshoots, friends, coffee, bike rides, and planning my film projects for the summer. :)

    have a great weekend, beautiful! <3

  3. Anonymous29 May, 2010

    That photograph is so lovely. I am obsessed with anything vintage! Thank you for following, I enjoy all your posts!

    My weekend: going to NYC :]

  4. Hope you had a glorious weekend!


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