Monday, May 03, 2010


Campus Summer 1970

(photo: Brian Jasper (ENGG 1971-72)

Today I am sitting in a cold office, staring aimlessly into a computer and wondering about my purpose. Why am I here. What am I doing. How long until I can stand up, walk out of corporate america, and never look back.

I wish nothing more than to be in a field right now. Warm winds seeping through my hair and the sun shining so bright that I have to close my eyes a little just to see clearly. A nice warm nap in nature. Grass tickling my arms and feet and gazing out into a never-ending quilt of daisies and sunflowers and other wild things. Freckles on my nose. A calming silence mixed with birds singing to one another. Watching clouds pass while painting pictures in my mind.

But... I am here. In an office with no windows. I feel trapped and claustrophobic and that there is no way out. I need to be inspired. Fingers crossed that a writing career is near in my future, because I don't know how much more of this office I can stand.


  1. seriously know the feeling. it bothers me to no end to think i will be spending the majority of my time sitting behind a desk rather than spending it with the people i love or not doing what makes me feel happy and fulfilled. f corporate america and the 9-to-5. i can't wait until we both are able to do what makes our souls joyful.

    and btw, you should land that job. you're an amazing writer. you should check out if you haven't already. she is also an awesome writer. i could sit & read her blog (like yours) all day.

    love you, k.

  2. oh my, i wish i were lying in my flower field right now, basking in the 80 degree weather! but instead i'm stuck inside with a migraine and what seems to be a nasty cold coming on. BUT, i have photos that i took of my favourite field last week that i'm posting today, hopefully it will inspire us a little. :)

  3. i am with you! i want nothing more than to feel "free" again. I miss the days of my nanny life...going to the park with kids, pushing them on swings, teaching them about bugs and plants. I miss it. i can't wait to be a mom and hopefully get to stay home with them and teach them about nature and life. take photographs all day and bake...lots and lots of baking.


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