Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Spider Legs"

So... I need some advice. bad. Like, really bad. I love my dreadies so much and I even like to call them my little Spider Legs, but let's face it --
they need maintenance like nobodies buisness.

I haven't been palm rolling like I should... and I have curly hair so it's def. knotting... just not in a cute way. I put rubber bands at the tips 2 nights ago, because the ends weren't tightening.

please, please, please!!!

Cyber world... I need your advice on how to get these dreadies looking good again!

{k thanks.}


  1. Right. Well from 6 years experience with dreads my advice would be:

    *take the bands off the ends -instead get a comb(fine tooth) and hold the tip of the dread in one hand and back comb it up and down with the other. Yes this will shorten the dreads but you need to get them properly knotted or.........

    *hold the bottom of the dread (where it is knotted) in one hand and in a circular motion rub the loose hair round and round in the palm of your hand. this will round dread the ends nicely.

    * for the middles i would suggest back combing the loose bits and apply a minimal amount of beeswax and hand roll them. This is a pain but trust me it is what you HAVE to do to get gorgeous dreads- alternatively you could crochet- but this does not really make 'proper dreads'

    *with the top of your dreads, personally i would say do not crochet all the time if you can instead hold the top bit of knot in your fingers like one might a cigarette and rub in circular motion against your scalp. this works wonders and you get proper dreads :)

    *If you have loads of loose strands simply get a needle and thread and sew the hairs back into the dread.

    I know hand rolling is a pain, but keep at it, it works miracles. Apply a tiny bit of bees wax and do it whilst watching a film in a traffic jam, on the bus, where ever!

    They can be a pain to maintain at first but trust me it gets easier and more like a habit after a while.

    If you need any more advice just email me.

  2. o.m.g. thank you -- i'm going to take the bands out once i get off work and backcomb like you said. and... guess i will start palm rolling again! thank you!

  3. No problems, i have posted some rather embarrasing images of my dreads here

    so you can see my babies and proof that I know what I am on about
    I miss them:(

  4. yeah i was just looking at those... and they look amazing... i've heard horror stories about wax - but i see you haven't really had a problem with it?

  5. Just don't use much, or often and you should be fine. Honestly smaller than a pea will be fine for a good handful of dreads, just use enough to make the whole your hands slightly sticky and then rub. Best to start with a little and add more than add to much and get all greasy

    If you use too much they will be gross and sticky, but if you don't use any they can get a bit dry, with strands coming out all over the place.

    there is a web page called dread head hq that I found really good - it has photos and tips and all sorts :)

  6. ok cool - i have noticed that mine are pretty dry... i bought the shampoo from dread head hq so maybe i will try out their wax... trying to avoid it, but i think like you said a little will help a lot.

  7. Erin....that's what i've been hearing a lot... i guess i'll just wait and see what happends! thanks!


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