Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've never really been one to make a New Year's Resolution. But this is my last week of being 23, and I can't help but think of things that I want to improve upon as I start an entirely fresh year of life. It's a very odd feeling, because I have been so emotionally drained lately and haven't felt very inspired. Usually I come to this space bursting with insight and imagination... but lately I have looked at the blank page and nothings really felt worth writing about. The strange part is that as crazy as life has been and as uninspired as I've felt, it's caused me to focus inward and figure out what could get me going again. Like my father always says, You are responsible for your own actions. You are in control of your own mood. Dad, I believe you are right... as usual.

1. Find a hobby.

In high school I was always swimming or rock climbing, and I even took a few photography classes. And lately I have let things slide by and my priorities have shifted and I haven't really explored my interests. I think this year I will take an art class... or brush the dust off my camera and take some photographs... or start a journal. Maybe there's a rock climbing buddy out there who I haven't found yet, or a hiking group. I want to take this year to explore my interests and learn something new about myself.

2. Judge less.

I have found that lately I have become pretty judgemental, as embarrassing as that can be to admit. I look at people and automatically think that I know them and their motives. At the same time, I hate when people do this to me. I remember reading a book several months ago and it was talking about how people all feel the same emotions -- that bitchy girl may also be feeling insecure; the guy making a scene at the bar is probably a great person that just had a little too much to drink; that person who cut you off in traffic.... they were probably just in a hurry and didn't notice. I want to continually remember that all of us are basically the same, and share the same needs and emotions. I want to feel more connected to humanity and far less pessimistic. I want to love people first, giving them time to show who they are without instantly coming to a conclusion about who they might be.

3. Love myself.

Other people aren't the only ones who deserve my love... I am also worthy of my own affection. I want to eat healthier, exercise more and just enjoy being who I am as an individual. When people make a judgement about me, I want to be able to continue on living without thinking about what they said over and over and over again. In order to make a difference in this lifetime, I have to start by loving myself enough to believe that making a difference is possible. And the best way to make a difference is by loving more and hating less.

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. {Dr. Seuss}


  1. Lovely resolutions. :) I love the cupcake photo!

  2. judge less: i wish everyone had this on their resolution list!

  3. My Love! One of my best friends (the guy i am looking to move in with this fall in the fan/bottom) teaches at Peak Experiences and we go rock climbing at Manchester Wall (walking distance from your loft) OFTEN! YOU MUST COME NEXT TIME!
    Ps. - i am a photography nerd...we should take some photo days together.


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