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"Just knowing you exist changed the world for me."

Tiffanie DeBartolo (God-Shaped Hole)

This is probably pretty silly. But I've been thinking about what kind of mother I want to be. I figure, why not start now. When I have time to plan ahead and prepare myself for everything that's about to happen. Because I will be responsible for another persons little life, and I will be the only mother that they ever have. Even if it's 3... 4... 5... years down the road, this is something that I've dreamt about my entire life.

So, if you are a mother and you are reading this... please share your memories, dreams, realities. The good and the bad. I feel like I was meant to be a mother. I know that may sound funny, but I am nurturing and loving and am so excited for the day that a child enters my life. It may be really, really hard. Probably not always fun. But definitely worth it.

Lately I have been reading a lot about vaccinations. I want to learn more about this, because I feel that my first decision as a parent will be if my child is vaccinated or not... especially since I now know that the Hepatitis B vaccine is typically given before the baby even leaves the hospital. Before their tiny immune systems have had the time to adjust to life outside of the womb. Not to mention, Hepatitus is usually contracted by exposure to the disease through sex, dirty needles or transferred from the mother during childbirth - not really something that most babies are at risk for. And they will have to be re-vaccinated around age 7. And I don't think I like that. The whole idea of vaccinations seems wonderful on the surface, but the more I read about possible side effects of autism, brain damage, seizures and SIDS... the more I wonder, is this worth it?

I want to have a natural birth. No drugs. And I would prefer a water birth at home. I especially don't want to circumcise my future son. So if I am taking all of these precautions... not drinking or smoking while pregnant, not using an epidural to ease what I am sure will be the most intense pain of my life, choosing to breast feed... why would I consider putting a foreign object into my child's body? I didn't even realize, but vaccines do not make you immune to a disease for life... so while I had chickenpox as a child and can now be exposed as an adult and be fine, some one who has had the vaccine is still at risk for catching this disease in later life, when it is much more dangerous and can often be deadly. Why not have "Chicken Pox Parties" like I had as a child... where they may get a little ill for a few days, but they will be immune for the rest of their lives?

Also, the United States has one of the highest reportings of SIDS in the entire world. And the peak death averages are around 3 months, 6 months and 9 months... coincidentally when babies are given groups of vaccines. Or is it a coincidence? That really freaks me out.

Maybe I am making a big deal out of something that I shouldn't. I am just not sure I am ready to close my eyes and hope that my child isn't perminently damaged from a shot that was meant to protect them. Any parents out there have ideas on this? How did you decide what to do... because I know that if my husband & I decide not to vaccinate... we will have to be armed with reasons why we chose this option for our child.


  1. more information on the hep b vaccine --->

  2. It's great you're thinking so far ahead, and caring about the permanent health of your child before you even conceive. I had my children so young, and i wish i would have known more then than i do now. I had my daughters when i was 19 & 20 yrs old, and my son at 25. Thankfully i had an awesome friend who taught me about natural childbirth and breastfeeding before the first one. But i knew nothing about vaccines except the Drs telling me it was required.
    My first child i had in the hospital, as soon as i arrived in normal labor they pumped me full of oxytocin and sent me into agonizing labor. I did go without the epidural, but still felt cheated. My next 2 were induced early due to a nasty liver condition i had that causes stillbirth. I had all my kids vaccinated, because i just thought i had to. Luckily they are all healthy, never had a side effect. And even more luckily they don't contract Hepatitis from me during childbirth. (I contracted HepC as a teenager wasn't diagnosed til 2007 after my tubes were tied and did treatment 4 years ago, i am clear of it now) My friendly advice is find a good midwife you trust and feel comfortable with. They have TIME for long conversations about concerns- most drs have an agenda, a tight schedule, and don't get too personal. You have a much better chance of a successful natural labor! Breastfeeding is a no brainer. It's the most wonderful feeling ever, i am so proud i nursed all mine, they are SO healthy and smart! Sounds like you're going to make a great mom, which is the biggest joy you will ever know.

  3. Of course nothing has to be "all or nothing" I would maybe choose some vaccines and not others. Parenting is one of the hardest things you will EVER be called upon to do. As my two children turn 24 and 21 I am still parenting. It is a lifetime commitment but one I would do over in a heartbeat - even the tiniest of heartbeats because I love being the mother of my two children. As for breastfeeding - not sure that is a no brainer anymore than the vaccines. That is great if you feel it is automatically the right thing for you to do, but for me it was not. I did not in any way want to do that. Maybe that is why my children have milk allergies I don't know. But even knowing that I would not go back and breast feed. The important thing is loving your child; holding your child close while s/he feeds; that's what is most important. You will have to make many many decisions about and for your children and none of them are no brainers. Some will have to be made on the spot without much thought. Above all and in all - love your children.

  4. oh man, i wish my mom was a blogger, she would give you all the info you need about vaccines! ;) she works in nutrition and holistic medicine... and has researched for YEARS on vaccines, ever since my youngest brother was diagnosed with autism, not long after a vaccine he had. there are plenty of people who will tell you it's just coincidence, and that vaccines don't cause things like autism and brain damage, but they're wrong. there are studies that prove it. and it makes me sad that some people are so ignorant and don't really do their research. it makes me so happy to see you thinking about this and being SO smart, and you're not making a big deal about it at all! you're talking about your future children, you just want the best for them. :) now, i'm not saying children shouldn't be vaccinated at all... but doctors and the rest of the medical world need to understand the toxins that are in vaccines that are incredibly harmful, even fatal, to children. if people only KNEW what was in a vaccine... if they only knew! it's horrible and disgusting. i LOVE what jenny mccarthy and jim carrey are doing to spread awareness about autism and vaccinations - they have a movement called "green our vaccines" that i totally support, so do my parents. it's such an incredible thing they're doing, and i hope their voices get heard. as someone with an autistic sibling, i will do all i can to raise awareness. if you ever want more information about vaccines/autism/etc, i would be happy to ask my mom and the doctors she works with... they have loads of info and research, i know they would be more than happy share it!

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