Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flying Squirrels...

My mother-in-law is really good about spoiling me and making me feel super appreciated. A few months ago she wrote an essay about me and I was nominated as 1 of 100 "Hometown Hero's" in Richmond City and the surrounding counties. Last night we were invited to a Flying Squirrels baseball game, and all of the hero's got to go out onto the feild to be recognized! They also had fireworks.... but it was raining, so Sean & I watched from the car. It's been so long since I've been to a baseball game -- I am so glad that I got to see one before the summer ends!


  1. Love the picturesss and very proud of you! You deserved to be recognized for the hero that you are. xo

  2. Awe....that is incredibly sweet of your mother in law and congrats on being nominated as a hero. Looks like the game was fun and those fireworks are AWESOME! :)

  3. Love these pictures and LOVE YOUR BLOG :)


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