Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I really want a grilled cheese.

All I want right now is a grilled cheese sandwich!!!!
{and a side of ice cream and cup cakes and anything fried!}

This weekend I promised myself that I was going to start back at the gym. Every day. 45 minutes. It's pretty easy, because we have a gym where I work... well, easy to get to anyway. I spent my entire lunch break on the treadmill. Now I am sitting here eating a 100 calorie pack of cheez-its because I forgot my lunch. You see, I haven't worked out in 4 months -- I haven't been able to since my surgery {for those late in the game, I donated my kidney in April}. Today was absolute hell.

I was in a really awesome habit of running every morning at 5 a.m. ...like, 3 miles every day but Sunday good. Then we moved to the City and I didn't feel comfortable running in the dark, so I started running on my lunch break. Well, I am now down to brisk walking, sadly and having trouble with that!

Don't you hate getting out of a work out routine, and then trying to get back into it again? Blah... it's the WORST!

mental note: working out and forgetting your lunch is a really bad combination... don't do that again. ever.


  1. Don't feel bad. I ran a few (3) loops last week and I was sore for 3 days. It's so difficult to get back into the swing of things, but don't get discouraged! :)

    Make grilled cheesey's for dinner! Adding a slice of tomato is really tasty on them too :) Love you!

  2. Haha! I am doing this same thing. I fell out of my routine at the gym, so yesterday I was like I WILL WORK OUT FOR 1 HOUR! Yeah... I left about 20 minutes into it dreaming of cheese fries.

    p.s. when i was little, i thought it was GIRL cheese sandwich.

    congrats on 2 years! :)

  3. Man, it's been about 5 months since I've worked out last by choice. I know, tsk tsk to me. You're a dear for donating your kidney by the way. Grilled cheese is the bomb diggity. I want some now too. :) Good luck on your workouts! I need to get on that too. Thanks for the reminder. :D

  4. ^^haha, when my brother was little he thought it was a girl cheese sandwich, too! ;)

    i am TOTALLY in the same place as you right now... i feel ya! i was obsessed with my elliptical machine. oh my gosh, i loved it. i used it every day for as long as i could stand it, and i even got to the highest resistance. i was PUMPED. and i felt good. and then, one day when i was using it a couple of months ago, it just STOPPED working. the pedals were stuck. and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. and because it's over 5 years old our warranty is done. i don't know how it'll get fixed. :( baaah. i tried to start running, but an old ankle injury from dance makes that super difficult, which sucks. then i started biking everyday, and my bike tire is now busted. ksjdhfksdhf. my last resort is going back to my old workout dvds... i'm hoping that at least helps a little, i just feel so gross! :P

  5. Running SUCKS! I am trying to get back into it too. I started last week and have already 'forgotten' 2 days. I am making myself now run extra tomorrow. I hattttteee running..

    That grilled cheese looks so good...my grandmother makes them the best. She smooshes them just the right way...that's the way I like them! Haha!

    I didn't know you donated your kidney! How selfless. I'm sure that was a pain, but very rewarding, right? Good karma for you!:)


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