Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Goat Man

I tend to get extremely wrapped up in the fall spirit, and one thing that I love doing is learning about local ghost stories and legends. My favorite past time lately has been sharing these stories through gchat with my friend Denise while we're supposed to be working. For example, yesterday we spent an entire 30 minutes talking about alien abductions and the day before that I was telling her about some hauntings I read about in Virginia. Our favorite subject: The Goat Man...

No matter what we start talking about, the conversation always comes back to this creepy figure. I first learned about him when we were visiting our friend Gina. She lives several miles from the site where he has been spotted {Cry Baby Bridge}, and even went there one night to find him herself. We huddled around her, cheap beer in hand, and she told us the tale of this beast - half goat and half man.

Nobody knows what he is or how he came to be, but people began reporting sitings in the 1950's. Believers of the legend claim that the Goat Man carries an axe and uses it to violently kill his prey, grunting and screaming like the devil himself. People have found dogs and other small animals in the area and credit their deaths to the Goat Man. Also, several hikers in the area have gone missing and many believe that this creature is to blame. He also preys on young couples in parked cars.

The Goat Man is probably the scariest thing I could ever imagine seeing. There's even a movie coming out that I must see -- check out the trailer here.

I don't know what it is about these stories, but I can't get enough of them! Do you have any creepy legends in your neck of the woods??


  1. this picture of the goat man is so scary! the goat man we saw was a man on top and goat at the bottom!

  2. okay that pic is super creepy! hahaha I totally get caught up in things like this... bah. Now I want to go read up about the goat man...

  3. I LOVE the picture! We don't have anything that interesting in my neck of the woods, but I'm liable to take this goat-man thing and spread it. I'll just say I hear it from a friend of a friend and *voila* rural legend.


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