Monday, November 29, 2010

long weekends never feel quite so long...

I had such a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday this year, and I hope that those of you reading out there in the cyber world were able to kick up your feet for a bit during this not-so-long-feeling weekend. I can proudly say that Cyber Monday has been good to me, and I am already 1/2 way done with my Christmas shopping!
{Sean is getting so spoiled this year; I love it ;)}

And check out the view from my parking deck this morning, not too shabby...
Don't you just love fog? I secretly pretended the Manchester Bridge was in San Fran this morning...
oh to dream!

Top 5 things that I loved about this weekend:

[01.] Getting my hair done!!


[02.] Making from scratch what my father-in-law now calls "the BEST pumpkin pie he has ever tasted in his life"
{yes, he was talking about food that I made! that was actually edible! and damn good!}

[03.] Hanging out with my in-laws and eating entirely too much food.
{Pete relaxing at grandma's...real men wear pink wink wink}

[04.] Buying a Christmas bed for the pups and rotating between naps and holiday movies.

[05.] Sleeping in. Snacking all day long. Snuggling. Staying out late. Table top dancing with friends. Red wine. White wine. PBR. Laughing. Brunch with my best friends. Motivating myself to train for a half marathon. Realizing that I actually miss working out. IHop with my parents and grandma. Big Love marathons. Watching Home Alone 34712389573489057345 times. Home made popcorn. Shopping. Themed parties. New socks. Singing loudly and obnoxiously. Eating some more.

26 Days 'Til Christmas!!
{I like the build up better than the actual day, anyone else out there feel the same?}

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