Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Happy Christmas List.

So I am finally able to take a breath. To relax. To breathe.
Why is this season, 'the happiest season of all', so dang stressful? I try and try to get into the holiday spirit, but continue to get bogged down by shopping lists, busy schedules and hectic traffic.

Maybe it's time that I sat back and took a good look at my life. That I took a moment to put things into perspective.

Things I am currently happy about.

[Reason 1.] I have somehow made enough money to get gifts for all of my loved ones, even to downright spoil some of them. They're almost wrapped, too.

[Reason 2.] My in-laws really want me to make that casserole I made over Thanksgiving, so they must have really liked it. My mom also requested a pie... who would've thought people would actually want me to bring baked goods to their home?

[Reason 3.] It's supposed to snow for Christmas -- really, really snow! I hope the weather man isn't lying, because nothing makes me feel like a kid again more than running through the snow and making snowmen and snow angels.

[Reason 4.] I survived Monday and Tuesday at work... two days I have been dreading due to the amount of stress they have caused for the past two months. (long story). Do people wait until the end of the month to have a crisis on purpose? sheesh!

[Reason 5.] Next week I am off of work and a total free bird for an entire week! An entire week! I don't know what my husband & I are going to do with ourselves... but fingers crossed, a trip to NYC may be in our future!

[Reason 6.] As shallow as it may be... I hope to get my tattoo (above) filled in next month. It's hard spending that much money on a tattoo when there are so many bills to pay, but I have been patiently waiting since April and I freakin' deserve it.

What makes you happy?

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  1. i hope you have a wonderful, beautiful christmas... you're a gem. <3


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