Tuesday, January 04, 2011

the first post of a new year.

I have been at home for the past 10 days. Sleeping in until ten o'clock, sometimes eleven. Turning in my application to grad school. Staying up late watching movies. Going out to lunch with friends. Throwing parties. Piercing my nose [for the third time]. Ugh... I could really get used to that lifestyle! However, I'm back and feeling like quite the janitor this morning due to all of the messes that have been left for me to clean up during my vacation. Reality sure does hit hard when you've been living a fantasy for the past two weeks!

I hope you had the best holiday season ever, as mine was filled with new traditions, lots of food, and tons of laughter. My husbands birthday is New Year's Day, so it was fun spoiling him and taking long naps together in the afternoons. I could really get used to that. Wait, I think I said that already!

Our Tree....

Anyway... Sean and I spent Christmas Eve looking at pretty lights with his parents, and also Christmas morning. We then headed to my parents house that afternoon and spent the night. I was very thrilled to wake up at my parent's house the morning after Christmas to find a winter wonderland. Check it out, this is what our drive home looked like - I just love the way the trees look covered in snow...

We also spent [as previously mentioned] a lot of time napping... how cute are they?!?

Waking up this morning was brutal... but it does feel nice to be productive again and back in my regular routine. Oh, and the gym here at work is calling my name... looks like I'll be joining every one else after a long holiday of over eating!

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? I made a few... but I think my biggest and best goal is to train for a half marathon in November (and do a few 10k's between now and then). I think that's more realistic and tangable than to tell myself I will work out more.... if anything else, it scares me into hitting the gym! :)

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