Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What I've been up to...

Honestly, I've been working a lot lately and haven't had a free minute to blog! But here are a few things that I've been up to...

[01.] I just got back from the beach with this girl and now I am more excited for summer than ever! Looking forward to camping trips, lounging at the river, and tanned skin.

[02.] I'm getting super excited about Shamrock the Block this weekend! Who doesn't love green beer and beads?
[03.] I found a really cool Lorax Save the Tree's game online this morning and it brought me right back into my childhood!

[04.]  I've become super obsessed with the iphone game 'Words With Friends' -- has anyone else? Let's play! My user name is 'KaraHooker'

[05.] Does anyone else have a slight obsession with Big Love? Sunday nights episode blew my mind... so sad there's only 2 more episodes left!

I hope you are enjoying your week, too!


  1. Get outta here - "My user name is KaraHooker" dork...hahaha I kid I kid...but ditto on looking forward to summer - can't wait to go back to the river!!

  2. i know... im a loser.

    my name is kara hooker, and i am addicted to words with friends!


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