Thursday, April 07, 2011


Lately, I've been having some really strange dreams - even for me. I told Sean that I think it's because I am actually sleeping through the night now that we got Netflix. FYI, Sean likes to stay up watching t.v. until ridiculous hours in the wee morning and when he falls asleep the television is usually blasting (if you've spent the night with us, you know....). Anyway, we had to get rid of Blockbuster because they're going out of business and long story short, when movies are over on Netflix they cut off (as opposed to with Blockbuster, where they start playing previews or other loud things). You probably don't really care, but I think it's glorious!!!!!

Anyway, last night I had a really weird dream and I can't help but think my subconcious was trying to tell me something. I was sitting in a strange place with a group of my closest friends, plus a few imaginary ones. I say strange, because I was sitting at a picnic table outside somewhere and it was one of those places thats half real and half fantasy, do you ever have those in your dreams? Anyway. This girl (who is a real person in my life) showed up and was trying to turn all of my friends against me. Finally, I stood up for myself and said something like ''these are my friends, we're having a good time, and if you aren't going to be nice to everyone then you need to leave.''

One thing you should probably know, is I have a habit of getting really down on myself and going through periods where I'm super critical of my body. I also go through periods where I wonder if I would be friends with myself if I had the chance. WELL, the mean girl in my dream responded by asking me why any of my friends even like me or hang out with me in the first place, and without hesitation I said "Because I'm really fun to be around, and you may be prettier or skinnier than I am but you're not a nice person''.

I think I was trying to tell myself that looks aren't everything, and that I do have qualities that draw my friends to me. The dream got weird, because one of my friends started going into labor and then we were all attending Satan's funeral... yeah.... funny how that took a turn for the super creepy!

So, I woke up this morning in a really great mood (because I love remembering a good dream) and to top it off, it's freakin' beautiful outside. The best part of this story, is that today while I was putting gas in my car this random creepster told me that he thought I was ''really pretty''. When you're married, you take evey compliment from the opposite sex as an ego boost, kind of like 'I've still got it!' ... at least I do anyway.

The universe has a way of reminding us things, such as the reality that each person is beautiful in their own way, and if you're spending all of your time focusing on the negatives you really start to miss the positives. And I thought that maybeeeee there was some one out there who needed to hear this as much as I did... so there you have it -- you are beautiful, and not in the 'everyone's beautiful on the inside' type of way... you are REALLY beautiful! I'm sure that there's some one out there who thinks about your beauty every single morning when they wake up and just before they go to bed. So hug yourself, and be nice to yourself! And I'll try to do the same :)


  1. This is such an uplifting post! I'm so pleased your dream made you feel so good, go you for standing up for yourself. Thanks for bringing a big smile to myself this afternoon =)

  2. Kara - We must be soul mates because I have been having really weird dreams lately too... Last night I dreamed that I blacked out and made a bunch of really bad decisions... (no need to list them here. they are embarrassing). I think that's really my worst nightmare is drinking too much and becoming an alcoholic like my parents were. I woke up in a funky mood and kind of feeling scared. Needless to say, you're a wonderful person and I think you're beautiful inside & out. I am so lucky to have a frannn like you!!!! Thank my lucky stars everyday! Love you!!!

  3. You still got it girlllll and keep standing up for yourself! :) xo


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