Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Movie Review x2

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Last night I watched two movies back to back, and both were so good that I couldn't wait to recommend them to you today!

The first was a little dark, but I've never seen anything like it before. Heartless is about Jamie Morgan (Jim Sturgess aka Jude from Across the Universe!), a twenty-something living in East London who was born with a dark birthmark across his face and on his shoulder. Throughout his life, he has been teased and tormented because of it, and worries that he will never find love or have the chance to become a father because of the way he looks. There are several violent gangs in his neighborhood, and while walking home from work one day realizes that one resembles a group of demons. Unable to draw the line between reality and fantasy, Jamie begins to become haunted by these demons and sees them all across town. This film quickly turns into an internal battle between Jamie and his desire to rid himself of his birthmark, as he determines what he will and will not do for the sake of vanity.

I will be honest, this film probably requires a second viewing as there is so much depth to it and it requires a great deal of thinking for yourself (which I am a h u g e fan of, but realize not everyone is). Sean and I sat in silence after the movie had finished and frantically pulled out our computers and began searching for symbolism and clear cut answers to some of our questions about the movie. But I will say, this film kept us on the edge of our seat and there were so many surprises wrapped up in each scene alone. See the trailer here!!!

The second movie we watched was a much needed comedy, I Love You, Phillip Morris which I can best describe as a flaming gay version of Catch Me If You Can (did I mention, it's also based on a true story?!). Steven Russel (Jim Carey) is a ''happily married'' police officer, who joined the force for the sole purpose of finding his birth mother. Once he finds her, and she refuses to see him, he begins to wonder why she gave him up in the first place and decides to quit his job and move on. He's later in a car accident which nearly takes his life, and decides then and there to live his life to the fullest -- as an openly gay man. Long story short, he becomes a con man and winds up in the State Penitentiary where he meets Phillip Morris, the love of his life. Steven becomes dedicated to freeing Phillip and building the ''perfect life'' together, and you will be amazed at the seemingly impossible things he is able to accomplish. The absolute b e s t part of this movie is the ending, which I guarantee will be the best surprise ending you will EVER witness! See the trailer here -- definitely recommended if you're looking for a hilarious movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

What movies have you seen lately?

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