Monday, April 11, 2011

My weekend in D.C.

This weekend was pretty amazing, because Sean & I (and Pete and Samson, too!) got to spend it in D.C. with two of our very best friends. You may recognize one of them :)

Sean and Samson stayed at his college roommate Dan's house, while Pete and I stayed at Brittany's. Most of my close girlfriends live out of town, so it was really nice to get as much 'girl time' as possible this weekend. Luckily, Sean understands how important my girlfriends are to me, and didn't mind us sleeping in different places. Also, I think the pups really enjoyed the one on one time that they got!

Brittany is a planner, and lucky for me she put together one heck of a weekend! Friday night we all hung out at Dan's apartment, but came home early to rest up for a busy Saturday. Brittany woke me up to made-from-scratch lemon poppy seed scones (what's up with all of my friends being excellent cooks but me?) and then we headed out for a day of shopping.

Our first stop was lunch at DC-3, aka my favorite meal of the weekend! We each got NY Coney dogs and split a basket of fried pickles (mmmmmmm!!!!!) It's been so long since I've had a g o o d hot dog, and this really hit the spot. Also, the atmosphere was awesome -- it's a 1940's aviation theme diner and they only sell vintage soda's (I got the Daddy's Rootbeer). Next time, I'm definitely getting cotton candy for dessert!

After lunch, we headed to Georgetown for some shopping. I typically shop at the same basic stores, so it was nice for a little change in my wardrobe. We stopped by Sprinkles Cupcakes and tried the coconut, banana, and red velvet cupcakes.... delish! I also picked up some doggie cupcakes... which Pete and Samson (and Brittany's pug Henry) gobbled up in a matter of seconds.

We rested at Britt's place for a few hours before meeting up with Sean & Dan for dinner and drinks at Red Rocks Pizza. This place was really great and our waiter was hilarious! I got the Confit Pizza, which had eggplant, olives and goat cheese. . . y u m! I highly recommend this place if you're ever in the area!

That night we hung out at my all time favorite pub, Murphy's -- I loooove the Irish Sing Along's and 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' has been stuck in my head ever since (Have you heard the Jersey Shore version? Hilarious!). I really love the laid back atmosphere, and it's impossible to keep from smiling because e v e r y o n e is having such an amazing time laughing and singing together!

Sunday we all met up for brunch and stopped by a little puppy boutique (Pete got a new collar, and they both got a new toy and an Easter cookies for the road) before heading back home to Richmond. It was a very quiet ride home to say the least, as everyone was passed out - except for me, the driver. I can't wait to go back!!!


  1. I told my mom what we did this weekend and she was like sounds like all you did was eat!...ehhh...kind of, but we did a lot of walking/shopping too :) whoops, but I say every meal was worth it! haha xo

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun =)


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