Thursday, May 19, 2011


Last night Sean and I took our very adorable [and surprisingly well behaved] pups to their very first baseball game! I know, I know... people do the strangest things with their animals. But it was really fun, and actually really bizarre having our pets with us in a place where they're normally not allowed. We met our friends Cara and Jason, along with their pup Biltmore, and enjoyed $8.00 beers, $5.00 hot dogs, and $7.00 curly fries. Gotta love expensive, greasy park food!

I can't say that Sean and I are ''sports people''... but it was nice sitting outside and looking at everyone's dogs. There were dogs in hula skirts, dogs that weighed more than we did, and tiny little puppies. We got little goody bags when we entered the park, and Pete & Samson watched the game and munched on treats - they were basically in heaven.

In other news... this week has been flying by at lightening speed (for me anyway)! Did you know that Saturday is supposedly the date of the Rapture? Ha ha... I don't really take fundamentalists seriously, but it sounds like a good excuse to live it up a little this weekend! My friend's having a pool party and I'm more than ready to cook out, swim, and relax with my friends this weekend. Are you doing anything fun?


  1. oh it looks like you had so much fun! My husband (Sean too!) and I love baseball too! We aren't what you would call "Sports People" but he loves baseball and we sometimes watch football... I love your post! :)

  2. I just saw your post on Sometimes Sweet about Richmond, it was great!! I too live in Richmond, and love meeting other Richmond bloggers.


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