Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love short work weeks :)

Today is my Friday. . . and I will not have to come back to work until Tuesday! I feel super lucky, because last weekend was also four days long - back to back vacations are always a good idea :)

My birthday is on Saturday, and so far my friends Mallory, Aimee, and Katie took me out to the Wine Loft on Monday (I got Sliders..... mini burgers have never tasted so good after two weeks of eating raw!), my friends Sarah and Brittany are taking me to Mexican tonight (hooray for giant margs!), Sean's family is taking me out to dinner tomorrow night, and Denise is coming on Saturday for a few hours to celebrate! Oh, and my parents are having a cookout for me on Sunday! It's safe to say that my friends spoil me -- I am SO LUCKY to have such amazing girlfriends (and friends and family in general) in my life!

Also, I am getting another tattoo tomorrow :) Needless to say, I am beyond excited to add to my little ink collection... and this might be my favorite tattoo yet! (If you're ever in the Richmond area, check out Josh at Heroes & Ghosts he is truly amazing!) So stay tuned for pictures of that, because I'm going to want to show that baby off!

Saturday is going to be completely out of control and I am giddy just thinking about it ;) All of my friends are meeting at our loft at 10am and we are headed to the River for some day drinking and (hopefully) sunshine! Then we're going out to dinner -I've been craving sushi for like 2 months- and then having wine on our rooftop deck before hitting Shockoe Slip (hooray for all of the bars being walking distance from our place!). I hope I survive ;)

I hope you have a good weekend as well, and are able to squeeze some adventure in! What's your all time favorite thing to do in the summer? Mines the river (swimming, kyaking, tubing, napping) and basically anything water related. Oh, and patio bars and cook outs. :)


  1. Wow we have a Wine Loft by me in Long Branch NJ! I love it there :)

  2. yayy for birthday margaritas tonight!! can't wait :)

    I can't believe the river is still your favorite thing to do in the summer....especially once you discovered LAMPREYS!!! gross.

    I'd have to say my favorite summer activity is going to the beach. It can take days for me to get tan at the pool because I get so bored laying out. At the beach it's so easy to people watch and after a whole day I'm basically tan for the summer. Let's do that...girl's trip!! :)


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