Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty fun, especially because it seemed like the perfect balance of hanging out with our group of friends and spending time together, just the two of us.

Yesterday was my first day eating raw, and to my surprise it wasn't awful! It was actually really enjoyable! I went to the grocery on Friday and spent around $150 on fruit and veggies, which I'll be honest really really stressed me out. But after I got home, I was really happy with how colorful and healthy our refrigerator looked! Sean and I had Salsa Mole for a late lunch/early dinner. . . and we are both hooked!

We added hot sauce to the recipe along with some extra veggies, which was pure genius. I ate mine in a giant cabbage leaf like a wrap, and Sean added grilled chicken to his. See our recipe here :-)

Saturday we ran errands. . . but they were fun errands! We are going to a conference for Sean's work on Thursday (whoop whoop! 3 day work week!), so he wanted to buy some new dress shirts and slacks. These things are always really fancy, so we try to hide the fact that we're the only people in the room who aren't loaded. (best part? open bar ;-)

While Sean was busy picking out clothes and a new pair of shoes, I was on the hunt for my birthday dress! Every year I like to treat myself to something new to wear at my party, and this year was no different. I actually came out of Urban with two dresses. . . and I would normally feel bad about spending that much money, but my wardrobe needs a serious update and I'm going to wear one of them to dinner while we're at Sean's conference.

The Birthday Dress -- I've been drooling over this one for a while now (I got it in blue)

I also picked out this beauty. Also in blue.

Saturday night we hung out for a few hours at a friend's house and then went to our favorite bar in the West End, The Beach House. We usually stay downtown on Saturday nights, so it was nice for a change in atmosphere. We go here every Thursday night for happy hour, so it was fun seeing our waitresses (yes OUR waitresses, haha we're regulars!) for an extra night and being able to hang out without having to worry about work the next day. We left at 2am after last call and I had my last meal as a ''normal person'': Taco Bell. Words cannot describe how good those soft tacos taste early in the morning!!!!!!!! Sean and I got home around 4am (I NEVER stay out this late! And I was the DD so I was sober. . . not sure how I didn't fall asleep!) and we slept in on Sunday until about 1. It was awesome.

Also, we decided to stay in our PJ's yesterday. . . we haven't done this in a while and it just needed to happen. We watched the ENTIRE mini series of The Kennedy's and Katie Holmes stole the show as Jackie! I can see why the History Channel didn't want to play it, because it's not 100% historically accurate, but it was still good enough to capture our attention for over 4 hours! After this we watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, because let's be honest. . . we all know the ending of JFK's presidency and we needed something easy to laugh at ;-)

Hope you had a great weekend, too!


  1. we stayed out late on saturday too which is a little unusual for a grandma such as myself, and i was reaaaallly wanting to stop at taco bell (i NEVER eat fast food) so i think being up late really makes me want that 4th meal. hahaha. we sound so alike.

  2. Um that salsa looks delicious! Please come over and make that for me!! God knows I need to start eating healthy again :)

  3. kim - trust me, we neverrrr do this! i ate 4 whole tacos and could've eaten more but i forced myself to stop! bahah! nothing beats 4th meal :)

    sarah - you got it! this would be a perfect snack for the pool with some tortilla chips. . . and seans pool is open & ready for us!

  4. this looks SO yummy! :) I am going to have to try this.


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