Friday, July 22, 2011

Do you know what I learned this week? I learned that if you think positively, more positive things happen. It's true :)

Sometimes I get so anxious and stressed out, that I only think about the negative things happening in my life. But there are so many good things around that there isn't a good excuse to ignore them --

This week:

-I was in Williamsburg, Va for a work conference that took up 3 days of my week... making Friday arrive superrrrr fastttttt

-Sean was an awesome husband, and drove an hour on Tuesday to meet me for a dinner date (followed by a spur of the moment Christmas ornament shopping spree ;-)

-Sean and I started reading a book called the 5 Love Languages... and it's been a really great ending to our day because it gives us a chance to talk and laugh together, and also focus on our relationship.

-Tonight I'm going on a dinner and movie date with my two very lovely friends Brittany and Sarah

-It's payday, and although most of my money is going to bills... at least I can afford a nice loft, electricity, and my ever-so-friendly student loans.

What are some of the positive and happy things going on in your life?

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  1. oh i LOVE williamsburg! the only thing awesome about my week so far is that 1/2 of it was spent on vacation. obviously i can't find anything else to be happy about since i had to go back to work, haha.


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