Friday, July 15, 2011

Dreaming of Snakes.

I always have extremely vivid dreams. And last night was no different, as I woke up in a panic at 5 am. For some reason, I haven't been able to shake this one... so I looked up a few interpretations online this morning, and what I found out was eerily relevant.

First the dream. I was at some kind of ranch with a group of my friends, and I decided that I wanted to go up to my bedroom which was located in a tree fort type loft which was located in the backyard. As I was climbing the steps, I looked to my left and saw a gigantic yellow snake -- like, 50 feet gigantic -- looking straight at me. It came over quickly, and due to fear I passed out in the stairwell. When I ''woke up'' I realized that the snake was on top of me, licking me in my ear. I didn't move, and my friends were all gathered around watching in fear. The weird thing, is that I sensed that the snake didn't want to harm me, and in the dream I wasn't afraid... although in reality snakes are one of my biggest fears. So what's up with this dream?

I was doing a little ''research'' (if you know me, you know google is my life) and found this article along with several others. Supposedly, because of the snakes ability to shed it's skin and also the ability to kill, they can stand for an individuals journey through transformation found by death and rebirth/healing of some kind. I don't know how much I buy into dream interpretations, but I am absolutely in a period of transformation - maybe the snake was my subconscious telling me that some healing will be taking place... one can hope.

I also found that the color yellow, associated with a negative or unpleasant feeling, can stand for one's fear or inability to make a decision or take action. When associated with a positive feeling, it can symbolize happiness, harmony and wisdom. In my dream, I was first paralyzed with fear (negative) and then later re-gained conciousness and felt comforted (positive). Could this mean that although I am having trouble with a very important decision currently, I will later find healing and eventually find peace?

From what  I read about snakes and the color yellow, I can only imagine that the snake licking me in my ear while my friends watched in fear has something to do with the fact that while those around me would like to offer me advice, only I can ultimately make the right decision. And that by trusting myself, things will be ok.

I realize that I'm being completely vaigue about  what's going on with me personally right now, but know that this symbolizim captures every emotion that I have been feeling perfectly. Maybe some peace and clarity are around the corner? Or maybe I still have a lot of introspective work to do, and my subconcious is telling me to hang in there? Only time will tell.

So what about you -- do you believe that dreams can be interpreted? Or do you think that dreams are just random thoughts pieced together to form an interesting story? I personally think that if you are dreaming and learn a lesson in the process, that's all that matters. Dreams are, afterall, so very personal. I'd love to hear about anything you've learned while dreaming!

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