Monday, August 08, 2011

Anniversary + Watermellons + Movies = Image Heavy!

This weekend was awesome from start to finish :) I took Friday off, but somehow it still went by just as quickly as a regular weekend. . .

Friday Sean and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, and it was honestly the best one out of all ten years - no joke! Sean had to get up and go to a meeting for work that morning, so I got up and fixed him a big breakfast and cleaned up our loft a little while he was gone. When he got home, we picked up subs and went to Movie Land (a 19th Century former locomotive assembly plan turned movie theatre - awesome! and they sell wine!) to see one of my honest to god top 10 favorite movies of all time -- The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I'm a huuuuuuge science fiction nerd, and I grew up loving the 1968 version, so you can imagine how excited I was seeing so many connections between the two movies. . . they did an awesome job! You have to go see the movie! Even if you weren't a fan of the old one, this movie keeps your attention the entire time and the relationship that you build with the main chimp, Ceasar, is incredible! Trust me!

After the movie, we went to Target and got a ton of stuff for our bedroom. Since we won't be able to move into a house this year (or maybe next, who knows) we've decided to make the most of it and re-decorate our loft room by room. What better room to start with on our anniversary ;) ?! We got a ton of new pillows, a comforter, and new sheets. I decided that my bff Denise had some really great advice -- don't settle for cheap things, instead save up and get really nice/expensive pieces that will look better and last a long time. So, Sean and I are currently looking for a shelf to hang on the wall and a nice looking floor lamp, which we'll pick up later at some point. When it's all finished, I'll give a little room tour because to be honest our loft is really amazing because it's an old warehouse (we have an old elevator shaft in our front walkway!) Also, we've decided to strip down my dresser and re-paint it. . . so I'm going to ask around about that & please let me know if you have any suggestions because I've never done anything like that before!

When we got home from Target, we got all dressed up and polished off a bottle of wine (classy, yes?) before heading out for dinner at Secco Wine Bar. Neither of us had ever been to this place before, and it's safe to say we fell in love. We got a bottle of wine and 3 cheeses and 3 meats and talked the night away. We even got dessert, an ice cream sandwich from heaven made out of waffle cones and chocolate hazlenut ice cream. It felt really awesome having a deep, wine induced heart to heart with my husband and when we got home (don't worry, we took a cab!) we sat and talked for another hour or so -- I love that we did that!

Check out how amazing our dinner was (sorry, low lighting!):

We spent the majority of Saturday laying around watching movies (because we were both pretty hung over and sluggish from Friday) but Sunday we met up with a few of our good friends and ventured to Carey Town for the annual Watermellon Festival. This festival is really cool, because the streets are filled with food venders, games, moon bounces, and other people selling things like clothes and jewelry. One of the tattoo shops was even giving out watermellon tattoo's for $40! I loved people watching, because everyone had on their watermellon gear and all of the resteraunts had watermellon flavored drinks!

To beat the heat, our group got a table at Galaxy Diner - I am obsessed with their fried pickles and space theme! We all got burgers and watermellon jello shots, and I also ordered a watermellon mimosa which in my opinion was absolutly disgusting, but I drank it anyway in the spirit of the festival!

Afterwards, we walked around a little bit but it was so hot and unbearable that we decided to hit up the Byrd for a movie. Unfortunantly, we had to wait 3 hours for the next flick, so we walked to Three Monkey's for more drinks and fun.

Side note: Sean got his picture taken and is going to be featured on a Richmond fashion blog - we've been laughing about it all night, but seriously he always looks amazing! Trust me, I'll be posting a link once it's up and bragging on him ;)

In case you were wondering, I'm obsessed with this shot - it's called a lemon drop and it's delicious!

 This is cheese that they light on fire! I ate wayyyyyy too much of this. . . but it was probably the best thing I've ever tasted ever!!!!

Finally, we left the bars and headed back to the Byrd - one of the coolest places in Richmond! It was originally built in the 20's and you can watch movies there for $2.00! We saw Bridesmaids, which was hilarious but not as hilarious as it could have been, in my opinion. But anyway, I talked a little bit about this theatre in this post about Richmond, and if you haven't been and are ever in the area you should definintly check it out. I totally think it's haunted, and can't wait to watch scary movies there in October :)

I'm excited to get this week over with, because on Friday I'm headed to Charlottesville to see Denise and Stuart (and their NEW HOUSE!) What did you do this weekend?


  1. Your weekend looks amazing!!! I have big shoes to fill for this coming up weekend! Pressures on! ;)

    Re-painting some furniture? I am partial to spray painting... Make sure you get the right kind and that it doesn't leave behind drip marks! Turquoise would look bangin'!

    Can't wait to see what you guys picked out for your bedroom!

    How large of a shelf are you looking for?

    Can't wait to see you this weekend!!! :) :) You da bomb!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, love decorating and Target has so many cute stuff =)


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