Thursday, September 08, 2011

Fall Goodness :)

My first (of many!) Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Some people look forward to the days building up to Christmas, but I personally get that same excited feeling on the days leading up to Halloween. I love all things creepy, and can't get enough of pumpkins, ghost stories, scary movies, and anything haunted and scary.

Over the long weekend, I spent two full days deep cleaning our apartment and getting it ready for fall. Our little loft currently smells of spiced apple plug in's and hazlenut candles -- and with all the rain we've been having, it's never felt more cozy :)

Every year, Sean and I throw a huge Halloween party for all of our friends. I've recently jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon (thanks a lot, Sarah!) and it's gotten me so excited about party favors and decorations that I couldn't help but share my findings with all of you!

Here are some of my Official Halloween Party ideas (all thanks to, Pinterest):

I don't really like eating candy corn, but I love the way it looks! I can't wait to fill candel holders with this fall treat! Such a pretty/classy way to show off the ultimate fall goody!

 Everyone likes cupcakes, and how creepy are these body parts?! Nice touch!

We always make a ton of food for our guests, and this year I want to attempt these adorable mummies! They're almost too cute to eat....... almost!

As I said, I'm obsessed with pumpkins. This is an adorable way to incorporate them into any party -- simply hollow out a larg pumpkin, place a clear bowl inside, add ice and voila! Pumpkin Ice Bucket!

I've never done 'party favors' before, but this was such an awesome idea that I don't think I can pass it up! Buy mason jars and fill them with individual cocktails -- I'm thinking red koolaide spiked with vodka, and labeling them 'Vampires Blood'. So fun!

I love how the bloggosphere has become totally obsessed with fall right along with me -- there are so many great posts lately about this magical time of year! What's you favorite fall tradition, party favor, or costume idea?


  1. I like your party ideas!!! YAY :)

  2. I love your post! I look forward to going to the pumpkin patch every year! And this year hopefully Toby will get to experience it for the first time :)

  3. Jessica Fike08 September, 2011

    Hi Kara! I re-found your it! Anyways, LOVE your super Halloween party ideas! I love fall too and always get excited about Halloween. Not sure if it's the pumpkins, candy or ability to wear a scarf everyday, but I just love it all. I might be putting together a little Halloween party myself just so I can steal some of your awesome ideas. But don't worry, our parties will be far enough apart (in distance) that no one will catch on to me being a copycat...hehe. Hope all is well!!!

  4. mmm pumpkin spice lattes. scarves. brown boots. i'm so essited :)

  5. SO much fun. i had my first pumpkin spiced latte last week and it was pure heaven. venti, please!


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