Thursday, September 15, 2011

Camping Goodness!

So I'm a little late to the game, but I finally added the Blogger App on my iPhone. Does anyone else use this for blogging? We'll see if it makes life easier or harder :)

I'm so excited about this weekend, because a group of us are headed on a camping trip to Crabtree Falls. I love this campsite, because it's in the mountains, we're surrounded by the forest, and we get to go hiking! Last year I underestimated the trail & didn't complete the trek, but this year I'm ready to make it to the top!

This week has been a long one, and I'm ready to relax in nature all weekend! What are you doing this weekend?

P.S. - How much do you love my rooftop view of the city? I love Richmond ;)


  1. I use that app too! I love it for the weekends when I'm not around my computer. Is it just me that feels awkward using someone else's computer to blog? Haha. I hope you like it because I love the app! Just wish I was able to do a tad bit more, but considering that one can blog from their phone already is pretty amazing to me. Again, I loooove your rooftop view! Have a wonderful day, Kara! :)

  2. whoop! have fun at crabtree!! i think the weather is freakin' perfect for it.


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