Friday, February 19, 2010

chickies fly to maryland to visit momma bird

This weekend's going to be awesome!!!!!!

{oldddd school!}

Today I am leaving work early and driving to Maryland to visit "Momma Bird" Gina and re-unite with some of my favorite women in the world! There isn't anything I miss more from college than the group of girls that I get to see tonight!

I am ready to relax and forget about all of the things in my life that stress me out... all I want is a bottle of wine, dancing and probably a good adventure with these chickies who make me love life and cherish the moment.

Best of all -- Nicky will be back in the states and I get to see her beautiful smile and soak in her positive energy. She's been in South Korea teaching.... for a whiiiiiile.... and everyone's excited to have her back for a few days!

I cannot wait to embrace each one of my best friends and talk about the good old days. Check out these pics so you can get a better idea of how amazing each of these girls are!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful -- inside & out!

P.S. - I can't wait to pick up Denise on the way... road trips are always much more fun with a girlfriend to gossip with! I hope everyone's weekend is as special as mine! xxoo


  1. can't wait, can't wait! this work day is going to be a creeper!!!! i picked up some pretzels and rosemary popcorn for the road trip! (i hope it's on your mac diet so i can share - it says organic on the package) but if it's not... more for me! :) come on 5:00!!! :)

  2. mmm sounds yummy! i have potatoe chips too... healthy, i know! can't wait to see you tonight!

  3. Woooo hooo!! I'm in picture #6! Definitely makes me miss the college days. Wish I could be there having fun with you all...


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