Wednesday, February 03, 2010



We are supposed to get another big snow storm this weekend... and our household is crossing our fingers for another weekend snowed in together! It is so nice to stay in PJ's all day, watch movies and play outside with my pups Pete & Samson. As you can see -- Pete especially loves the snow! I get so much joy out of watching him play in it... I am so thankful that he has gotten to see so much of it lately!

Of course... this may put a damper on my Macrobiotics shopping spree that I had planned for Friday after work. Luckily, we have a few things in the house already - so I am still going to attempt a few meals. I must admit, I have been very intimidated by this diet because it is so drastic, but luckily every website I look at reccomends a slow transition... which is what I am going to do so that I can {hopefully} make this into a way of life for good. I am very dedicated to changing my lifestyle for the better, so I am confident that this will work out and within a year I will be a *full-on Macrobiotic freak* {as my friends lovingly call it}! Also, the support from The Blissful Chef has been so helpful -- she's awesome, follow her blog!

I am looking forward to going to my Sangha tonight for meditation. It's been wayyy too long - probably 2 weeks due to snow and scheduling conflicts. I meditate at home, but it's not the same as when I am around other Buddhists.... somthing in the atmosphere puts me at peace and every moment there is so precious. I hope that you also have a "safe haven" in your life... somewhere you can go and feel totally yourself and at peace. I supposed this weekends weather will cause services on Sunday to be cancelled - so I am looking forward to making tonights meditation especially meaningful.

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