Tuesday, March 23, 2010

inner beauty.

I have decided to take a deep breath, step out of my comfort zone & move forward with my dread journey!
I have been so inspired by Denise, pictured above, and her beautiful locks and calming spirit {click the link above to see her wonderful blog - I am truly addicted to it}.

I have done so much research and wanted this for so long that I do not think I could talk myself out of this decision at this point. Some people do not understand this journey... but there has been an overwhelimg stream of support from my family & friends, for which I am truly grateful. This is an opportunity for me to let my personality shine rather than hide it away in my hair. It's just hair!

I am hoping to learn so much about myself and my inner beauty from this experience. I trust that this will teach me a great deal about patience, and also about the beauty in being unique. I am prepared for those mornings when I wake up, look in the mirror and clench as I see a fuzzy mess - totally untamed and with a life of it's own. I am also looking forward to those moments when I look into the mirror and embrace that I am so much more than what is shown on the outside.

I have made my list. metal comb. shampoo. locking accelerator. rubber bands. beads. I am so ready to dive into this journey. I have decided that I do not want to use wax, because I want them to be able to be whispy, free & alive on their own. I will probably leave a few stray peices in the front to add a little characted, and cannot wait to see how it all turns out. Also, any reccomendations you may have are welcome!

I am also thankful that I have a dear friend to help with the long, terrible task of backcombing for hours. Jessi, you are such an awesome friend!

Keep your blogger eyes open... I am having sugery in 2 weeks and think this will be the perfect project while I am in recovery. Pictures will be sure to follow!

xoxo thanks again for your support :)


  1. I am excited to help you on this! How liberating! And i too LOVE Denise, her blog and her hair. Oh to be free! :-D

  2. Hi Kara. I followed your link from Denise's blog. I'm excited to hear you'll be getting dreads soon. Yay!! Another girly dreadhead! I have had dreads myself since December 2008. I've taken the hardest route possible to getting dreads - all natural, no backcombing or crochet or products. Even now I'm still waiting for the ends of each dread to start locking up. It's a fantastic and frustrating journey! I wish you well for your surgery and look forward to seeing pics of your dreads once they're finished.

  3. i am so very honored...and so crazy excited for you to join all of us dread girlies on this wild journey.

    liberating indeed.

  4. i love denise, she is so inspiring and beautiful and nurturing, such a free spirit. her blog is a little light in my world. i am stoked you're going to take the dread journey! how rad... i can't wait to see how it looks. :)


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