Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ode to Copeland:

This Thursday I am making the trek to Maryland to wish one of my favorite bands farewell.
I remember almost 10 years ago, when my husband & I sat in our car and opened their first record Beneath the Medicine Tree. It wasn't long before Copeland became the background music to many important events in my life, both happy and sad.

There have been many summer nights when Sean & I would blast the music from his car radio, while singing along with the warm wind blowing in my hair and across my face. You never really appreciate a band until you find out they're breaking up.

I am so excited to see them this weekend, but also sad because I know it will be the last time they are all together on stage. Their shows are so personal, and I feel like I am losing a dear friend. I know they will each go on to do amazing things in the future, & we will be there to support them as we always have.
{us with aaron marsh... a looong time ago!}

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