Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Should I.....

.......get dreads?

Today I have been totally obsessing over dreadlocks. This seems to happen every few months. For the past several years. I think they are so appealing and display a real connection with Mother Earth. Maybe you think I'm just another stupid "hippie"... but you have to admit that it would be nice to wake up and be ready to enjoy the day in under 10 minutes. No more waisting my time straightening my hair & damaging it. I am facinated by the different lengths, sizes, beads... all of it! I really, really want them... especially since I could get away with it in my profession. Also summer is coming up, and I would totally love rocking these out at the beach. <3

ten cool things i bet you didn't know about dreads.

1. they are extremely clean. you have to use a fragrance-free shampoo so that you do not get nasty build-up in your locks. you also wash them every 3 days.
2. you can pick out a ton of cool beads to place in your dreads, for a little extra flair.
3. there's no risk to losing your hair -- it's healthy and will not damage it, and can be brushed out if you change your mind a few years down the road {this does, of course, take 10+ hours to do!}
4. you can dye them just like normal hair.
5. there are a ton of really awesome hairstyles that can be worn with dreads.
6. they have been around for thousands of years, and have been connected to ones spiritual beliefs.
7. they require a lot of maintanence in the beginning so that your hair "locks" correctly. after this period, they are fairly easy to maintain.
8. many professions allow dreads, as long as they are not overly destracting or too big or long.
9. you can dread both straight & curly hair.
10. it's a great way to show off your creativity and stand out in a crowd!

i've done my research. so what do you think?

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  1. Stacey Daub16 March, 2010

    I love you NO MATTER WHAT, but please....NO DREADS! Let's me honest, you can rock them b/c you're gorgeous & you can rock anything, but you have great hair....NO DREADS!

  2. :( haha no promises but i love you!


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