Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green Thumb.

Plants cry their gratitude for the sun in green joy.
 {Astrid Alauda}

For the past few months, I have been growing small plants in my kitchen. I have never been very good with gardening, but lately I have been quite impressed with myself. I get an unexpected sense of joy when I look at a small pot of dirt and see tiny green sprouts peeking out. It's amazing to know that with my love and careful attention, I have brought a tiny seed to life. Isn't that incredible?

So one of my best friends bought me a tomatoe kit as a "get well" gift once I left the hospital. The tomatoes are growing and growing and I have so much fun watching them and even talking to them as I pass by. My husband made a comment last week that has really got me thinking. He said "what will happen to your tomatoes when they outgrow that kit?" Valid point.

So Sean, you have unintentionally inspired me. I have been thinking all week about how incredible it would be to have a small garden in our loft. How fun to pick our dinner and never have to worry about running to the store for a vegatable we need. I have all these ideas running through my mind... and I am ready to turn this into a reality. I feel it will be very zen and give those who pass it a sense of healing and serenity.

Do any of you have indoor plants - any advice? I am going to discuss this with my father in law and figure out how to put this together. I feel like it's a form of art... colors blending and growing and running against the wall like a canvas or something.

I am so excited for my little garden!


  1. Is there space you could do it on your rooftop? If so that would be IDEAL! And you could even have your own little compost as well (very green of you). Otherwise, i have grown herbs and tomatoes indoors. I didn't have pets though. I would just get bigger pots as they grew and plant something else in the smaller one. I also used to have an aerogrow in Vegas...i didn't get that in the "divorce" so i miss it dearly...that thing could grow some herbs and veggies! best of luck!

  2. hahahaha man! too bad you didn't get to keep that! i can't do it on the roof, but i'm thinking about putting in against that yellow wall under those 2 skylights. maybe putting some lattice for vines to grow on or something... i really really want a compost once sean & i have a backyard... we had one growing up!

  3. a garden in a loft sounds amazing!! my parents have a garden outside, so i don't have any advice on indoor plants... but i hope it turns out amazing for you, i can't wait to see what you do with it!


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