Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunny Days

This weekend could not have been more beautiful. We spent Saturday & Sunday with my in-laws -- Sean helped his dad clean up the shed {it looks awesome!} & I spent the days gossiping and watching TV with his mom. I am so incredibly lucky to have in-laws that I get along with. Seriously. They are so amazing and so much fun to spend time with.

This is my last week off work, so I intend to enjoy it. Especially since my sick leave and vacation time is totally used up at this point. My mom is coming back into town Tuesday and having a little sleepover until Wednesday so that she can give me rides to all of my appointments this week. I see a lot of daydreaming on our rooftop deck happening in the next several days. And nights at patio bars. Delish.

Also, my dad left for Haiti yesterday. He is probably on a plane right now and will be there at some point today. I was able to talk to him yesterday and he said that he was excited, but also a little nervous. He just doesn't know what to expcet. I am so sure once he gets there he will be in total bliss. He is helping to re-build a school and will get to spend some time with the children there, which I am sure will bring him lasting memories of joy. I am so very proud of my father, he loves to help out in any way that he can and has such a sincere heart. He's my hero.

As if I couldn't be lucky enough with everything I just shared, my friends Dan & Ellen are coming to visit this weekend. I just continue to feel so blessed. I always love it when people come to visit, because I love my city so much that I want to share every little detail with people I love. I want them to love it, too.

I am counting my blessings every single day and continue to remember how lucky I am. My family is so special and unique and complicated and I just love them all so much. People always say that you can't choose your family, but I think that if I could, I would choose every member of mine in a heartbeat. Please keep my father and the children whose lives he will surely touch in your thoughts this week. The positive energy that surrounds him is so evident and I can't wait to see pictures and hear his stories once he returns home.

Enjoy the sunshine and warmth of today :)



  1. One of the doctors i work for went there as soon as the earthquake hit. he goes a few times a year and has for many many years to do operations on those who cannot afford it, or surgeries that are not common down there. The stories and pictures were amazing. they were able to touch and save so many lives (and limbs). I am sure your dad will be a huge help! He was always very good with kids!

  2. have a wonderful last week off, dear. :) i hope you feel so restored and rejuvenated and rested! and my thoughts are with your dad... i hope he has a safe trip, i'm sure he will make such a different in the lives of those around him. oh, how i long to go to haiti, my literally hurts thinking about it.


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