Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have a:

"Hello, my name is Kara Hooker and I am addicted to tattoos."

I think that tattoos allow me to express myself in a way that is totally different and unique than any other form of self expression out there. So far, I have 8 tattoos... and I am already thinking about which ones I want to add to my collection. Nothing gives me an adrenaline rush quite like the feeling of the needle buzzing against my skin, leaving trails of ink and color. It is absolutely exhilarating!

I especially love tattoos that involve words. Probably because I love words so much and find them to be so inspiring. This is the first time in several years that I have taken off work for my birthday, and I plan on getting my quarter sleeve filled in with color {expect pics!!}... I am a bit of an astronomy nerd, so it's a mural of the solar system and I am totally in love with it. I am also considering adding a quote to my sleeve, similar to the area of the tattoo in the photo above. Only I want mine to say We are all stardust. I think it fits pretty well with the overall theme... and I am so in love with that quote!

What are you addicted to?


  1. im pretty sure im addicted to tattoos too! mine are mostly words too....

  2. i've been seriously considering getting my first tattoo for the past 6 months or so... i've always had such a love for them, and i think it's about time i get one myself. ;) i really want a word on my wrist... i have a few in mind. i'm just scared! ;)

  3. Nice Kara...
    I got my first tattoo for my wife's 50th birthday. She is from Hawaii and when I left to go there in 1970 my grandfather hugged me, cried and told me not to go over there and marry some hula girl, so what do I do:) 32 years later for her birthday and in memory of my granddad I broke down and got a "Sailor Jerry, Hula Girl" tattooed on my arm. Later for our 35th anniversary we got both got wedding bands tattooed and in a couple of weeks I am having a heart shaped Detroit Dark Red beet in full leaf with root hairs forming the OM symbol on my other arm. I have come to my addiction late in life :). Thinking about honey suckle vines from feet to knees, obviously I am more visual than lingual lol

  4. ughhh love those Eggman! i think the honey suckle vines will be awesome -- i have the giving tree up my side from my hip to the top of my rib cage, a swallow on my hip (for freedom), stars all across my lower back, the solar system quarter sleeve, a henna-inspired flower on my right foot, the HRC Campaign logo on my left wrist, one on my right wrist which i am changing to "every drop in the ocean counts" next week and the words to "imagine" on my shoulder blade! :) love emmm

    Kelly need to go ahead and take the leap.... i usually get one as a birthday gift to myself, and since you're also a june baby, what better time! the ones on my wrist are my favorite and didn't hurt at all :)

    Kellie.....what words do you have tattood?

    Have a great weekend everyone :) xxoo


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