Wednesday, June 16, 2010

time worth wasting.

Do you ever spend an entire afternoon daydreaming? Sometimes I spend an entire day. Often it seems as if my life is one giant moment lost in a dream. I enjoy living with my head in the clouds and getting lost in my imagination. I don't like to be realistic. I dream about quitting my job and living in a commune full of people who have become family to me. Whose children I help raise and whose garden's I help plant. I also like to dream about being stranded on a deserted island. Or I look up at the sky and imagine everything out there that is left waiting to explore. Walking on the moon. Flying an airplane. Going back to school to be a tattoo artist or hair stylist. Writing children's books. Getting lost in the forest.

These dreams keep me going. The best daydreams are those that seem impossible. Like living in a field of wildflowers or being able to fly. Many would say that I waste a lot of time... that I need to grow up... that I shouldn't spend so much time dreaming about things that appear impossible. But I wouldn't trade these dreams for anything. My imagination takes over my life, and this allows me to see magic every day.

What do you enjoy daydreaming about?

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