Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's Your Sign?

Do you believe in Astrology? I think I do. Maybe just a little bit. As you may have guessed, I am a Cancer. It's not really a surprise that I am a cardinal water sign, because I am instinctively drawn to water and am very creative. I'm also not really surprised that many of the traits listed above mirror who I actually am in reality. Which is strange. But cool strange.

For instance, let's start with the good. I love using my imagination and like to lose myself in daydreaming and express this through writing, story telling and an intense love for art and music. I am very protective - especially to friends and family. Right or wrong, I will have your back. I put on a front, but I am actually very sensitive and care deeply about others. I am extremely in touch with my emotions, and they come on strong. In a sense, I wear my heart on my sleeve and get a lot of joy simply by connecting with others on a personal level. I am extremely passionate. I'm also insanely spontaneous and love change... I love the rush of living moment to moment.

But... the downfalls also fit. Sometimes I get too sensitive and think about things more deeply than I should, causing me to be overly upset or hurt when a person may not have actually meant any harm. Of course, I keep a hard exterior and will wallow in self pity before I let you know you've hurt my feelings. I am stubborn and hate being told what to do. Embarrassingly, I can be a little clingy. Some people may call me self absorbed because I love talking and being the center of attention. I also like to talk about myself, because I think it helps me relate with others. Sometimes I could probably listen more.

So... what's your sign?


  1. i love to read what my sign (Sagittarius) says about me -- whether 100% accurate or not.

    Sag's are free spirited individuals who are easy-going, optimistic, inquisitive, and very straightforward. (I'm usually not optimistic, admitted); a soul who was born to explore, both inwardly and outwardly; check. Sagittarians can often be seen as too talkative and pushy; check, especially while drinking.

    The list goes on... but I just enjoy seeing all of the ways my personality matches up with my sign. Is it just coincidence or is there really some truth behind it all ..?

  2. I've always gotten along so well with Cancers! They really are one of my favorite signs.. I'm Aries though. Which is a fire sign.. (weird that I get along with water signs huh?) I'm adventurous and energetic but I can be very impulsive and impatient.
    All my sisters were Aries too!

  3. i don't really believe in signs, but sometimes the personality descriptions are really cool! although, here's the deal... for some reason i thought i was a gemini for the longest, which is quite a bit like me... but i'm actually a cancer (by a few days)! i definitely have both gemini and cancer traits, though, which is funny. i can be REALLY energetic and talkative and fast-thinking like a gemini, but i'm nurturing and creative like a cancer. so i tend to break the rules and say i'm both signs, haha. ;)

  4. *for the longest TIME... sheesh. ;)


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