Sunday, July 18, 2010

Introducing... Sunday Funday!

So more and more I've been seeing these awesome little "get to know you" questionnair-type blog posts and I figured it was copy-cat time {hey, it's the sincerest form of flattery}!

I give to you....
I will be choosing a different follower each week - you could be next! - Consider this a *thank you* for being so awesomely cool... I can't wait to get to know everyone so much better!


Say HELLO to Kellie!
Kellie is the genius behind the lovely Pen Pal Project I'm always talking about. I love her blog so much, because she's always got something interesting to say and she's so good about bringing people together and making new friends! Kellie - you are so totally awesome {not to metion gorgeous - holy cow}!!!

Tell us all a little something, something about yourself --

What's your sign? {duhhh, I'm obsessed w/ astrology}
Taurus (the stubborn bull!)

What's your favorite thing in the world to do?
Hang out with my loved ones (friends and family) we have the best conversations and always keep each other entertained!
Best Childhood memory & why?
This is a tough one. i honestly had a really great childhood and a lot of fun memories. but id probably have to pick the friday nights when my friends and i would pack into my moms minivan so she could take us to youth group. we always sang along (loudly and badly) to songs on the way and looking back it was just an awesome bonding time with my awesome friends and mom.

Name 5 interesting facts about yourself.
1. I do weird stuff in my sleep (like talk, hit (every once in a while), laugh, cry, etc) its weird.
2. I've never broken a bone or gotten stung by any insects.
3. I've lived in FL my entire life.
4. I was in drama class in high school and was cast as the lead female in our school play my junior year.
5. I first became an aunt in the 4th grade.

 If you could travel any place in the entire world, where would it be & why?
Everywhere i havent been yet (which is a lot of places) I really want to see the world before I die and there isn't just one place I want to visit. I want to go everywhere! :)

Tell us a secret {shh! We won't tell anyone...}
When I'm bored I check out awesome wedding sites like (I'm such a girl! lol)

There you have it! Now, go check out her blog & give her some love!


  1. this was too cute! i love kellie, she is adorable...and so are you!

  2. Sweet feature! I got your pen pal letter yesterday :)


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