Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my favorite place in the whole world!!!

Most of you who read my blog know that I love going to the river. I spend almost every weekend there, laying in the sun and listening to nature. I feel so at peace and centered there, like I am not a separate being from the river or the trees, but rather an extension of them. Usually my dog Pete joins me, and he has grown to really love the water. Last weekend was really special though, because Sean & Samson tagged along - neither of them are too fond of the heat or of the river. But I am proud to say that after that day, Samson has officially become a river dog {we are still working on Sean}! It was such a great day, and so I wanted to share a few pictures of my very most favorite place on the planet: The James River.

Some artwork I found :)

Pete relaxing after a swim :)

Samson - chillin' at the river!!!

Sean & our friend Cruey



  1. Oh, how I love the river too! I've dreamed of just buying a house on the river and that would be it. My happy ending. :) You're doggies are just precious and I found you via Emmy, in progress. Love her! I am also following you now, kind lady!

  2. i love water too! I think being a Cancer has something to do with it...:).

  3. i love the mermaid art!!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, your dogs are too cute...I love at first sight!!! He is the cutest dog, I love dogs, I wish my dog was a water dog like yours! My dog Georgia is a girly girl, but she likes to think she's tough. She wouldn't like the water! Great post! I think everyone in the world should have a secret place, where they go to think and collect their thoughts, meditate, or just hang out. :)


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