Monday, July 12, 2010

my weekend in pictures..

Meet Henry, my best friend's adorable pug & partner in crime ;)

Friday I got a jump start on my weekend by leaving work early. I was feeling really dizzy and nauseous and had convinced myself that I was experiencing vertigo. Yup, it was that bad. Not cool. So I rushed to Patient First right after lunch and sat in the waiting room for 2 hours. Needless to say, the "doctor" told me that nothing was wrong and that, although he believed me, he was not going to prescribe me any "drugs." Direct quote. Why is it that every time I visit this place I get accused of being a drug addict!? Nice. Anyway, I am feeling much better today... even if I am more than a little tired. Guess it really wasn't vertigo.

So after my adventure at Patient First I got paint supplies together and decided that it was time to kiss {most} of our white walls goodbye. We haven't had a rainy Saturday in quite sometime, so it was a good day to stay indoors. I tend to feel less at home and somewhat uneasy around white walls. Not to mention bored. out. of. my. mind. Anyway. My gracious friend Brittany {whose adorable pug is pictured above} volunteered to help me out, and 5 hours later we were *officially* done... it was not easy, we were totally and extremely exhausted, and we didn't consume anything the entire day other than coffee and a glass of iced water. We worked our butts off! Check it out:

Our downstairs is slowly being transformed into a guest bedroom. i would've provided more pictures... but it's too dark down there at the moment. Pics to come once the bed comes in and it's finished :)

Obsessed with this new beachy color! I'm thinking about getting a yellow mat and matching bath towels... thoughts?

Of course Samson tried helping... I don't know if you can tell but he dipped his entire face in the paint. There was blue everywhere. Sean was freaking out! How can I stay mad at a face like that?

I actually had a blast spending girl time with Brittany... and I hope she had fun, too! The best part was our dinner date and then grabbing ice cream afterwards. After that we watched the movie An Education... if you haven't seen this I reccomend that you do -
so e p i c.

Not from this weekend, but nevertheless a lovely picture of my gorgeous friend! Brittany ~ I am forever in debt to you! Thanks for all of your help this weekend! xo

Sunday was really awesome in the fact that it was so so sunny and bright outside. Pete & I got up early and went to the river with some friends. This pup loves the river... which is awesome because Sean & Samson... not so much. He looks so funny swimming through the rapids, wish I got a pic! Gosh, I love him!
{photo credit} I didn't take this one, but this is the exact spot we spent our day! Pete even took a ride with one of the kayakers - so nice of him, by the way!

Sunday night we went to a Counting Crows/Augustana concert ::girl cruuuush!:: I am so obsessed with Adam Duritz that it's really not even funny. It's actually really pathetic how I stood there like a 12 year old screaming at the top of my lungs, but who cares. The beginning of the show was a disappointment {they had a little too much fun before everything started, if you know what I mean} but they totally made up for it towards the end. They did a really freakin good cover of Just Like a Woman {oh, Bob Dylan how I love you!}... ohmygosh amazing you have to witness this here.

No wonder I can barley hold my head up this morning! All in all, an epic weekend :)


  1. Henry the Pug is the cutest! I'm glad your weekend was epic :)

  2. that aqua/tealish colour in the bathroom is PERFECTION. oh my goodness, i love it. one of my favourite colours. :)

    an education is one of my favourite films from the past year... i adore carey mulligan!

    they sang just like a woman?!?!? be still my heart, i'm going to watch the video right now! :)


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