Friday, July 09, 2010

yesterday, i turned into a scary monster.

So yesterday was a pretty terrible/horrible/no good/very bad day. And honestly, it wasn't really that bad... but it's been a while since I wanted to crawl into my bed and get the day over with. And I left work early to do exactly that: eat pizza, watch reality tv in my pajamas, and snuggle up with my puppies in bed at 8:00 p.m. Whatever. I needed that.

It all started yesterday morning. I woke up with this killer headache, the kind where it feels like you've been up all night week drinking liquor... only I hadn't been drinking and I actually went to bed really early the night before - like, 9 a.m. early. So I struggled to put on the first outfit I could find, and I didn't even care that I rolled into work a few minutes late wearing a completely ridiculous shirt and cardigan that in no way matched and pants that no longer fit {probably due to too much pizza}. Blah, who cares!

Then, I receive a phone call from the therapist in our building. Keep in mind, she has called me about this same client about 50 million times and each and every time she has been given the exact same answer: his case is closed and he is no longer my client. {aka please stop calling me about this damn client because I haven't heard from him in 4 months!!!!!} Ok... so she called and I must have totally caught her off guard with my rudeness because she quickly hung up and I haven't heard back from her since, and I hope she doesn't ever mention his name again because I honestly can't stand repeating myself for the 50-million-and-one time! I am rarely rude, and I do feel a tiny bit bad about how I responded... but my freaking head was throbbing and I just couldn't keep it together.

After that awesome phone call, I drove to a client's house to give him a drug screen - keep in mind he has been court ordered to have weekly drug screens and I have yet to even submit ONE because he is never home. Oh, and did I mention he's on "house arrest"? Yeah. Awesome. Not my problem that he's probably going to spend some time behind bars because he refuses to do what he's supposed to do. Anyway, getting to his house with what I can only believe to be the biggest migraine in history was the worst experience of my life week. I knocked on the door and nobody answered. I waited. And waited. And waited. Then, I called his in home worker and asked - in so many words - wtf was up! Ok... so I politely asked where he was. His in home worker told me that he called and told me that this kid was doing community service and that we would have to reschedule. Wow... no, you did not call me and if you did I most certainly did not get your message! He asked if we could re-schedule for FRIDAY NIGHT and I kind of laughed, before saying hell no and deciding to meet Monday morning, instead. :: deep breath :: Did I mention he just sent me a TEXT asking that we meet Monday afternoon? Sheesh, is it so difficult to pick up your phone and call me?

So I finally got back to my office and kind of sat there. Then I decided to check my bank account, because I didn't bring lunch thinking I would just pick up Subway. Funny thing.. my account was in the negatives. Awesome. I don't even really know how that happened, I swear! So... I gathered together some change and had a bag of chips for lunch... oh, and some really delicious water from the fountain. mmm. mmm. mmm!

At about 3:00 p.m. my head was officially trying to explode. The more I looked at the computer screen, the more I felt like I was going to barf. The best part is that my husband had my car on this particular afternoon, so I knew I was going to have to walk 2 miles home. This may not seem like a huge deal, but oh-my-god it really is when it's over 100 degrees outside! So, I called my boss and told her that I was basically dying and that since I had to walk home, I needed a 2 hour head start. This part is so awesome: the second I get a block from work, it starts thundering and raining! GREAT. So, I walked home in the rain. And the thunder.

I seriously felt like I was being punked.

But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I finally got into my building and picked up my mail. Inside was a stack of pretty letters all addressed to me from my awesome pen pals! So, if any of you are reading this, you totally made my terrible day semi-ok. I promise, I am going to start writing next week!

{Oh, then after I finished my cheese pizza I was rudely reminded by my stomach that I am lactose-intolerant. That was fun.}

In case you are wondering about why I have pen pals...

I have joined this totally awesome group of about 40 girls who will write eachother for two months. I can't wait... especially since my last pen-pal was probably when I was seven.

Anyway, it's Friday. And nothing can really be that terrible about a Friday... because tomorrow I am going to sleep in and finally paint my loft! So... pics to come Monday morning :)

Cheers to Friday's and sleeping in tomorrow!!!! xo


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear you had such a horrible day! I hope today is much much better!! Sending happy thoughts your way! I am on the pen pal list too! I look forward to getting to know you! : )

  2. ughhh what a gross day!!

    I can't imagine having that bad of a headache and then WALKING home. For two miles. In the heat.

    yuck. I hate walking around when it's hot.

    hope today is better!!

    PS. Do you need to have a bad day to have a night in with pizza and tv? I count that an end to a good day ;)

  3. oh my gosh, i had an awful yesterday, too! UGH. i ended up crying. a lot. it was just one of those days. i really need to find that alexander book because i read it all the time as a kid and never got rid of it.

    what's awesome is, today has TOTALLY made up for it... i hope it has for you, too, sweets. :) have an awesome weekend painting! <3

  4. Sorry about your bad day, you certainly didn't deserve it. I had a day a few weeks ago where I seriously felt as though I was being punk'd. It involved a french woman criticizing Americans, and indirectly-yet-directly insulting my appearance.

    Life goes on..

  5. I just wrote your letter last night. (:


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