Wednesday, July 07, 2010


smile. a lot.

say hello to a stranger.

give a dollar to some one in need.

hold the door, even if you're in a hurry.
let some one go ahead of you in line.

stand up for some one, even if you're the only one.

get to know your neighbors.

give out hugs on a daily basis.
tell somebody you love them.


be the change you want to see in the world.

It's no secret. Most of us don't even know who our next door neighbors are. Some people simple wander around, working all day and then returning to an empty home. Make a new friend today. xo

p.s. i just got my new pixie hat in the mail yesterday... made by Rachael Thomas... this girl is truly amazing and absolutely gorgeous {and this hat is seriously so so comfy}!


  1. AW! I'm soooo glad you like your hat! Thanks for the shout out. :) I love your blog and I think you are adorable! Thanks!

  2. Don't you find that sometimes strangers are kinder than the people you know? Everything you've said here is so true, and a great way to live life and treat others.

  3. i'm a fellow pen pal! hello!

  4. you have such a lovely blog.
    thank you for spreading the happiness :)

  5. mmmmm, yes. and oh my word, that HAT! i love hats like this. :)


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