Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Have you ever noticed, people treat their dogs as if they were human...and I know I am not alone in this because I see it every single day! They have dog birthday parties and dog play dates and dog sitters. People bake them dog cookies and treats, let them sleep in the bed, buy their favorite foods at the grocery store, dress them up in t-shirts and dresses. My mother in law even gets a to-go box at resteraunts so their little one can eat when they come home. {and I'm not much better, because my dogs like to steal the covers and I'd rather freeze to death than wake them up!!!}

People love their pets!!

Yesterday I decided to take my dogs to puppy daycare so that they could get groomed while I was at work. Well, the guilt I felt leaving there was so bad you would've thought I had left a newborn! All day I worried about if they were being treated well, if they were scared or if they had taken them out to get some sunshine. As soon as I could leave work, I gathered my things and sped all the way to the doggie daycare... looking back it's kind of funny how nerve wracking the whole day was!

Well... my dogs were fine and actually seemed to have enjoyed themselves. But isn't it funny how we treat our animals as if they were human? Here's a few pictures of my "babies"...

Do you spoil your pets?


  1. I let my dog sleep in my bed... and he goes to doggy day camp when I have long days at school, or work and I know I can't be home to take him out... but other than that.. he doesn't get spoiled unless we go visit my mom... who will give him all kinds of good table food, and let him jump all over furniture.

    :) They're our babies. hahaha

  2. Oh goodness! Your babies are just adorable! I had a puppy once, but I was not able to keep him I did not develop an extremely heavy relationship with him, but I do miss him a lot though of course, just like a person. I know for sure though that when I am finally able to get a puppy/dog...I'm definitely spoiling him/her! Great post! :)

  3. Wednesday here was a public holiday and I rolled over in bed, thrilled at not having to go to work. Reached out to hug hubby and... SHOCK HORROR, how hairy he was.

    Sure enough, I opened my eyes and my dog was lying in bed, head on his pillow, staring right at me. She'd snuck in that morning when he got up to make coffee.

    Slightly scary start to the last public holiday of the year!


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