Friday, August 06, 2010

dreamers shouldn't have to pay bills.

Money makes me extremely anxious. I avoid the subject at all cost, and judging my social work career it's obvious I'm not driven by it. If I could move away to a place where money didn't exist, I'd be there in a second. Each Friday rolls around and I am so excited because it's payday, and then I pay all of my bills and have a whopping $5 left over, if I'm lucky. Why do I look forward to this depressing/stressful/goddamn day!!!

Now that that's out of my system... you know, the pitty party... I want to ask all of you out in blogger land how you go about saving money. If I didn't have student loans, I'd be rich! And it's a shame your college tuition isn't equivalent to you expected income... because Citi Bank doesn't seem to buy my reality that social workers cap off around $60-70,000 {The lucky ones}. Check this out.

It is my humble opinion: that all dreamers and others who are not driven by money should not be a slave to it! Nice idea, right? Now if I can just get Obama on the phone... in the meantime, do any of you have a savings account? How to you make ends meet?


  1. Do you and Sean have a joint checking/savings? You could both start putting a certain % of your incomes into those accounts. That way it's fair, you're both putting in the same percentage, and doesn't leave either of you broke.

    Money does suck and I wish it didn't matter so much, but unfortunately, it does. What I do is try my best not to think about it. I'm broke right now... I've got a whopping $51 in my bank account. That's gotta last me until next Friday, but I know in my heart I'm rich. As a person, I have a lot to offer - with or without having money. I don't know .. thinking about it that way kind of puts me at ease. I hope maybe it helps you too because you don't deserve to be stressing! xoxo

  2. I am training to be a nurse so am on very limited money, to make matters worse this is my second degree (photography first time round), so when it comes to qualifying into nursing all my money will be paying back loans, grrrr!

    However, I think with the kind of work we are both in, we are not really money driven and changing peoples lives for the better is the real pay off.

    You should be really proud of yourself - although that won't buy much I know.

    Have a great weekend

    xx Violet

  3. i only work part time, so i'm definitely not rich. but my favorite things to do are free, and i'm as frugal and thrifty as they come, so i'm not poor either. i never really learned to budget, i just always live as though i only have enough for what i really need--it makes you creative with how you spend your time and careful with how you spend your money! :)
    but i agree with you completely: money is pretty much lame.

  4. My husband and I are currently keeping track of our monthly spending. We're talking everything, $2 for a Diet Coke, $100 for groceries, bills, rent, etc. We live in a very expensive city, so even though together we make enough to get by, it's also hard to put money aside into savings.

    But keeping track helps us to see where our money is going, and hopefully in a few months we'll be able to better budget where that money should be going. We do have a savings account, which we used to pay into, but we've had to add wedding spending onto the budget and that leaves nothing left over to put into savings.

    The percentage of income idea is a good one. You can always link individual checking accounts together with a joint savings account.

  5. Oh, I know what you mean! I try and live reasonably frugally but seriously? How do people make ends meet, I am budgeted pretty much to the hilt.
    For what it's worth I try to flip it in my head, and think in terms of abundance. Focus on the fact that I have so much (roof over my head, work, food, money in the bank - even a tiny amount) I know it sounds ridiculously hokey. It is, I guess. But it helps. I think focusing on lack and scarcity, especially in terms of money, makes you feel even poorer. You know like saying "i'm on a diet" suddenly makes you want to eat everything. How you frame a situation in your head can make all the difference to how you feel in the day to day, I find...

  6. when i saw the title of this post, i literally said, "amennn!!!" out loud. ;)

    student loans are the biggest thorn in my side right now. oh my word, it's horrible. i can't even talk about it. i don't like talking about money in general, it makes me nervous. and totally anxious. and stressed. and panicked. ha. money is an evil thing, isn't it? yikes. i'm actually going to be reading everyone's comments on this because i could use some advice, too!

  7. I feel your pain. I'm trying desperately to have the education I want and feel like I deserve, but is too expensive, and I'm going abroad, where the dollar is in the shitter.

  8. Oh darling, money is no friend of mine! I am completely broke this week until pay day on...yep, you guessed it...Friday. My situation is pretty much like yours. Get paid,pay bills, leftover money is for essentials. I agree that money is tight, depending on your salary and such, but if anything...I know there are lots of options out there. I use, found via Real Simple magazine. It's a great budgeting site and it's free. Though I am broke now...I am confident that with focus and time...that savings account will fatten up quickly, as long as I don't peek into it every so often. Just like a Christmas gift! Do this. Save small first for the little things(ie. small weekend trip, nice jacket, new home decor)...then when you are successful, try saving for something bigger. Let your budget revolve around what you save...after the bills. :)

    I hope this doesn't seem like too much trouble, but when is saving simple? :)

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