Monday, September 13, 2010

in love with fall.

Fall is my favorite season, and Halloween is *by far* my most favorite holiday. We don't have any windows in our loft, only sky lights... and it's mornings like today where I wish I could lie in bed with the windows open. I want to curl up with a Pumpkin Latte while listening to a cool breeze and leaves blowing around. I can't wait for the air to get a little cooler, and for cardigans to be a must everywhere I go -- not that we haven't worn them all summer in our house... we love cardigans! Here is a little fall inspiration, I know I need it this morning!

{so excited for homecoming next month, i miss the mountains this time of year!}

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  1. you mean autumn.. =p

  2. This is my favorite time too. Plus it is my birthday season! Love the crispness in the air and the smell and of the change! So exciting and invigorating. Plus i love to live in jeans and a cardigan or hoodie.

  3. @ anonymous - tomato, tamato

  4. ! I love fall! It's definitely my favorite season!!! And these photos totally do it justice! So pretty!

  5. YAY! i love fall. i've never really been big on halloween, but for some reason i'm really excited about it this year! who knows why... i'm such a big kid sometimes. ;)


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