Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunshiney Day :)

Today I was awkwardly sitting in my office, eating popcorn with my office pet -Sebastian the Hermit Crab- [he loves popcorn and doritos] when I noticed something..... I was given my second blog award ever by the lovely Michele! Wow, thanks for such an awesome surprise! Check her out... she's pretty cool and just posted a hilarious story about a recent confrontation with a cockroach!!!

Here are the rules:

[one.] Show off your sunshiney award
[two.] Pass the love on to 12 special bloggers
[three.] Link the people, of course!
[four.] Let them know that they have been awarded with an awesome comment.
[five.] Share the love and link to the person you received the award from.

My picks include brand new bloggers that I simply cannot stop obsessing over.

so many awesome things that I can barley get any boring office work done!

how can one look so flawless after just giving birth to one heck of an adorable baby?!

i love discovering other young married couples - she has a cute etsy shop too... check it out!

another ridiculously hot mom with a really cool sense of style!

another ridiculously cool married chick, check out her recent post showing off her awesome pad!

this chick always has the best photos and i am forever envious of her humungo, rainforest-like garden

this girl is the cutest... i love every single outfit in her closet!

i literally just found this blog several hours ago and ever since discovery, i cannot stop drooling over her clothes -- majority from the thrift store! teach me your ways!

if you want to get in the mood for halloween, you have to read this blog! i think her obsession with creepy and scary things is just about the same as mine! not to mention, her hats are so comfortable that i practically live in mine!

i just really, really love this blog! she is amazingggg!

this awesome chicka just celebrated her birthday! give her some lovin'!

ask her about oliver.... cutest. story. ever.

Sebastian wanted to tell everyone congratulations, but his mouth is full of popcorn. Enjoy your award and I hope it brightened your day as much as it did mine!


  1. THANKS SO MUCH!!! That really does mean the world to us! i hope we continue to put smiles our our new friends faces:)

    ur the sweetest!
    hoping you get your work done:)


  2. Oooh! Popcorn and a blog award? What a great combo! :)

  3. i pray, that someday i look half as great as joanna did after giving birth. ;) she was GLOWING and gorgeous! i love her little family.

    i also love aura and julie/orchid grey. both are fabulous!

    have a lovely evening, dearest. <3

  4. Aw Thanks so much Kara! I love that you have a hermit crab! My little sister used to have some.. They scare me. I once woke up to one being held over my face. Yikes!

  5. hehe you have a crabby co-worker!
    This is awesome I'm gonna check this list out.
    Congrats on your award!!! :o)

  6. Congrats on the blog award!


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