Monday, December 06, 2010

getting into the christmas spirit:

It takes me a while to really get into the ''Christmas Spirit''. The only good thing that comes from this is that I'm constantly trying to find creative ways to prepare myself for the big day. This usually means watching Home Alone and Christmas Vacation 34901275189750894 times a day, which who can really complain about that?

So this weekend I decided to go into Christmas-Spirit-Over-Load and started the second I left work on Friday. I spent the night cutting out paper snow flakes, baking cookies, cleaning, and putting up our decorations. Then Saturday we had our very first snow of the season!!! Sunday was the best, though... we had lunch with Sean's parents and then went to pick out our Christmas tree! [We always get a real tree, because the smell its a sure fire way to feel all warm and fuzzy inside] We decorated while listening to Christmas music & sipping beers, had dinner, then watched more Christmas movies. Oh, did I mention the puppies relazed on the couch in their Christmas Pajama's while we hung ornaments and lights? Yes. They love this holiday, too!

Our tree... and of course our Charlie Brown tree &
lots of candles...
Sean hanging lights...
Stockings for Me, Sean, Samson, Pete & Imogen...
do you have stockings for your pets??
Abird in our tree, for good luck...
The official 2008 White House ornament...
Sean is really proud of this one :)
Vintage ninja turtle decoration... from when Sean was little...

What gets you in the
holiday spirit??


  1. ha ha Love that ninja turtle Christmas decoration! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas but I am not 'allowed' until next week

  2. i LOVE home alone. we watched 1 & 2 the other night. that was enough to get me thinking Chritmassy thoughts...

  3. i TOTALLY do a stocking for my dog! it's just that sometimes i forget to fill it with treats from santa!

  4. i though i spied that charlie brown christmas tree!! we have it to! :)


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